Monday, 22 August 2011

let's watch the flowers grow..

satchel bag : nica // necklace : topshop

cardigan : new look

dress : dorothy perkins (gift)

silver cut-out brogues : tesco via ebay

what with a combination of work really picking up, short deadlines to meet, and a horrible end to my weekend, i've not really got around to sorting out any more recent outfit photos..

this outfit is from a few weekends ago, for a wander into town on a miserable saturday, i feel as though i'm dressing for winter already..this dress has probably done the rounds of all the blogs by now, but i've not posted it yet, and also here are some bargain shoes, 99p from ebay..not all that practical i guess, with cut out sections, but i quite like the effect..

hope everyone else has had a nice weekend..


  1. Yeah after about a weeks summer we're back to the cold here too! Excellent tights tho, nice and bright :)

  2. Wow - what a gigantic shoe collection! Great frock. xx
    We Shop Therefore We Are

  3. Sorry to hear your weekend was bad (I wont ask). I love your colourful look, the dress looks gorgeous with that dark green cardi x

  4. Can I spy gingham irregular choice shoes in your mountain and do they have a strawberry on the toe???

  5. I love how your outfit matches your kitchen accessories! (yes I am way too nosey...)

  6. I like your shoes! They're a pretty colour!

  7. I wish to raid your wardrobe! And I'm glad to hear work's picking up again, you didn't seem too certain in your last letter. I'll post a reply soon, no money for stamps at the moment :( You look very pretty, as always. xxx

  8. I absolutely love this ensemble. Fab colours and that bag colour really pops.Love it!
    Sorry you had a duff W/E. Hope this week has been kinder to you.
    Z xx