Tuesday, 30 August 2011

living next door to alice..

dress: handmade by me

entrance to the victorian town

horse and cart around the victorian streets

incline lift, which we took up to the top of the hill for a forest walk

cardigan: george @asda // rabbit necklace : topshop

some of the amusing signage in the window of the printer's

victorian fairground

on the steam-powered carousel

the mad hatter's tea party

inside the doctor's surgery

window display of the haberdashery

the door into wonderland

on saturday, i took my youngest sister to blists hill victorian town, one of the museums near ironbridge gorge, partly because neither of us had been there for years, and also because she had discovered there was an alice in wonderland theme to the bank holiday weekend, and she wanted to take part in the mad hatter's tea party (as did i!)..

we both decided to dress up - i dug out the alice-print prom dress i made several years ago, and with some skilful lacing up of the back, and the help of a few safety pins, i managed to get it small enough to stay up without having to do any major alterations..i took a heart-shaped bag from topshop, and added a rabbit necklace, also topshop, as well as some blue bow flat shoes from irregular choice, as i knew there would be a lot of cobbles / grass to walk on..

we enjoyed plenty of performances based on the stories of alice in wonderland, and were able to join in with the mad hatter's tea party, whcih was great fun..and also managed to fit in a good amount of site-seeing around the victorian town, there was heaps to see even without the alice extras - we could change our money into shillings at the bank when we got in, and then go around the various shops, including woodturner, printer, bakery, post office, haberdasher etc, and spend our 'old money' on their wares, as well as at the restaurant and the fairground, and then exchange back what we hadn't spent at the end of the day..

we had a lovely day, despite a couple of rain showers, and there was more than enough to keep us occupied - as it's relatively close to my town, i know i went to blists hill when i was in school, but i remember so little about the trip that it was nice to see some of the things again, and learn about some aspects of victorian daily life..and also lovely to spend a day with my little sis :)


  1. forever envious of your sewing skill x

  2. the dress is gorgeous :)

    Tess x

  3. I can only wish that I could whip up a dress like that! It's beautiful.

  4. I didn't know David Walliams was a mad hatter on the side...


  5. I went there on school trips too!

    I loved it except the chair swing made me sick once because there wasn't a queue so we stayed on it for ages.

    Like the Alice print :)

  6. I love that dress, you really are so talented!

    I really want to have a go on an old carousel! x

  7. your dress is so lovely! It sounds like a surreal but fun day out x

  8. We have a museum like that near us and I love it, could happily go there every week (if it wasnt so expensive!).

    You're very creative making such amazing clothes.

  9. Ah i love that necklace! I wish i could whip up a dress like that :( Major envy.

  10. ahhhh I've never seen anything like this before, I would have been so up for the Alice in Wonderland theme too xxx

  11. This looks like so much fun, and your dress is fab! :)

  12. Oh Char that sounds brilliant! I love all those signs. Looks like they really put the effort into all the little details :)