Saturday, 27 August 2011

there's nothing but the rain, no footsteps on the ground..

orange pumps : h+m

dress: tesco clothing // cardi : new look

ring : freedom @ topshop

i love this smudgey-print dress from tesco, it lends itself to so many different colours to go with neon bright orange pumps, or a clashy floral print ring..
after going through a bit of a phase of being useless at remembering to add jewellery to my outfits, i do seem to be getting a bit better at it - which is good, as it's something i seem to have an insane amount of ! maybe i should do a dedicated "favourite jewellery" post so i don't miss any out..?

anyway, it's a fabulously rainy bank holiday weekend, which put a stop to my half-baked "beach getaway" plans, but i will be having a lovely time to blists hill victorian town with my little sis for an alice in wonderland tea party, and then heading up to wales to see my girls, with plans for a beach picnic, which may have to be altered slightly, but we will have a lovely time anyway! have a lovely bank holiday weekend :)


  1. such a pretty dress - u have such lovely clothes!!!


  2. I have hardly any jewellery and I'm dreadful at remembering to wear it. Maybe you should do a jewellery challenge? x

  3. Those shoes are fabulous!
    Hope the weather improves for you and you achieve some of your plans, it started off beautifully here but it's vile now. x

  4. I'm jealous of your beach picnic, havent managed one this year! Have tons of fun! :)

  5. Sounds like you have a wonderful bank holiday weekend planned. The Alice in Wonderland tea party sounds amazing!

  6. Oh Char, those shoes are orangetastic!

    I always find with jewellery that it's the first thing to get missed off when I'm tired/busy/in a rush. I only ever wear a fraction of the stuff I've got.

  7. Oo, yes please...would love a fave jewellery post!
    Snap with the orange shoesies, tho' mine aren't as neony!
    The tea pary sounds wonderful, as does the picnic by the seaside. Hope you can dodge the rain!
    Z xx