Thursday, 25 August 2011

this reminds me that it's not so bad, not so bad..

top : primark // cardi : h&m

skirt : warehouse (sale)

'my mum's garden' heels : (office sale)

today's outfit post comes from last week if i'm honest, but as i said to alex this morning, i have decided that the world will not end if i don't post my actual day's outfit on that actual day..i sometimes do..

i have been making a bit of an effort recently to try and wear my way through some of the things that i've bought and just let sit in the wardrobe for a long time..these shoes are one of those things, bought when i stopped in birmingham with my friend on our way home from our weekend in stratford-on-avon, so not that long ago..

i've worn this skirt a LOT since i bought it - years ago - but i still love it, and figured it was an old favourite i could throw together with the shoes, which i love..i like the clashing florals effect..

i also hadn't worn this top before, i really like the detail of the ruffles on the front, but wasn't sure about the long length, i'm always a little worried that long tops can end up looking frumpy..but i think i like it overall..



  1. those shoes <3

    love you Char, we must sort that meet up, oui? x

  2. love this gorgeous co-ordinated outfit. the skirt and shoes go so well together and I adore your ruffled blouse x

  3. Ooh love the shoes and skirt, plus love how they kinda match! :)