Tuesday, 16 August 2011

this song is only wishful thinking..

horse necklace : gift from a lovely friend

dress : topshop // headband : handmade by me

my lovely post and bargains..

i'm a little behind with posting some of these photos - at some point i will be all caught up..but as the bargain cardi went down well at the weekend, i thought i'd mention some more of my recent bargains..

this outfit was just one i threw on to wander into town a couple of weekends back, i had remembered the dress and tracked it down in my wardrobes and run the iron over it -it doesn't seem to matter how many times i iron things before they go into the wardrobe, they get so crushed in there that they still come out looking scruffy..

this turned out to be a very successful trip into town, i had a few things to take back, and a camp expenses chq to pay in, and then i allowed myself a little look around the sales..i spent a voucher on the topshop 'bug in a bottle necklace', and found the bright blue cocktail ring in the accessorize sale..i also found this laura ashley tshirt in the sale at £8, and decided it was definitely worth that!

the hair bow and feather and note came from fritha, a lovely little parcel for entering the hat competition whilst at the #brumbloggermeet a few weeks ago now..and the first of my postcards had arrived, reminding me that i needed to also buy postcards and stamps for my partners in the swap - set up by jenny on her blog (here)..

all in all it was a really successful morning in my opinion, by the time i came home, i came back with about £70 more than when i had started - if only all of my shopping trips could end that way around!


  1. Haha love that kind of shopping, I had a similar experience on Saturday when I went to return jeans and spend a voucher - think I was mostly successful cause town was so busy and I only lasted thru 3 shops... :)

  2. That is the absolute best type of shopping. Sadly I never spend that much money in the first place so even if I do return stuff I don't end up that much in pocket!

  3. the best I can expect is coming home empty handed, never quids in! Lovely necklace and t-shirt x

  4. Love that necklace Char. Your Laura Ashley tee is lovely, i can't wait to see it on x

  5. That must be one of the best shopping trips...ever!
    Z xx