Friday, 12 August 2011

we fall right in, and suffer the sins..

flower necklace : topshop

petrol blue chino trousers : new look

horse print blouse : republic

heels : primark

so, here's another outfit, encompassing two of the recent trends i don't know if i am that comfortable with; sheer blouses, and coloured trousers..

last night was 'coloured trousers mission' though, mainly as my friend was desperate to get a new outfit for her upcoming weekend away - we had looked at tops to go with an existing pair of trousers in her wardrobe, but she wasn't quite sure, and then decided that she would go for the coloured trousers idea, with a black top and a pair of black we headed off to Telford to partake in some 'late night shopping', only to find signs up saying that due to a security measure, the shopping centre would not be opening for late night shopping..which gave us about 30mins to find something suitable for her, and she began to panic!!

we had a look in new look, where she didn't find any in the red / aubergine colours that she fancied, although i found these ones and was forced to try them on and told they looked good..i'm not sure, i had to take all of my outfit pictures side on as i can't stand the sight of me in trousers from the front, as i am scared of how big they make my thighs look..there is just soemthing about any kind of trousers that i do not seem to be comfortable with anymore.. this is weird because i used to live in jeans throughout all of my college days!

anyway, she managed to find a pair she liked in the right kind of colour in river island, just as they were closing the store..i found the pair of over-knee socks i have had my eye on on the website, and then we managed to talk the primark security guard into letting us in as we promised to be really quick..karen bought another pair of (much brighter) red trousers, which she planned to try at home along with the other ones..and i found some more socks, and a pair of leopard print tights, meaning that i have probably doubled my sock collection in one evening!

but back to the trousers - i love the colour, and i'm much happier with the length than the pairs i have tried on in the past which have been cropped..i don't think i would wear them with flat shoes, as i worry that they would make my legs look trunky..

i thought that the blouse would look ok due to it's length, and the fact that it's so floaty maybe draw away from the fact that the trousers are quite skinny (for me)..i'm not quite in my comfort zone but i guess it's good to push the boundaries once in a while!


  1. I have a pair of those chinos in a sort of rusty colour, and I love them! I may go back for those petrol blue ones too, such a nice colour.
    Thanks for entering my giveaway by the way! :)

    xxx Maddie

  2. you really should wear trousers more often Char x

  3. Those trousers look brilliant, you've ot such fabulously long legs and they show them off to their best advantage. Great colour, too. x

  4. LOVE this outfit it's amazing. I could never manage those heels though!

  5. I saw some redish ones in the newlook near me that I'm heading to try on tomorrow after work. Love your colour aswell : )

    Once more jealous of your heel wearing capabilities.


  6. Now I wish I'd bought coloured chinos. I bought camel ones but those blue ones look gorgeous on you! You look fabulous Char, you have nothing to be worried about x

  7. These look lovely on you! They go so well with the shirt as well x