Wednesday, 31 August 2011

you were once running wild hiding in the morning mist..

tulle skirt and jade cropped tee : primark

boots and leopard print tights : primark

turtle necklace : primark

leopard fur hat : river island

little sis and i set ourselves a £20 outfit challenge in primark at the weekend..armed with £20 note each, we decided to see if we could come up with an's my attempt, which i wore to the beach to meet my best friends on sunday..

as part of my £20 challenge i bought - plum coloured tulle skirt (£10), jade tshirt with pocket (£4), and turtle necklace (£3)..i added the rest of the outfit - boots, tights, and hat from my existing wardrobe in wales..which meant that i had my change to give to sis, as she managed to find a dress and a pair of boots which totalled £23 - perfect! :) anyone else played this game before??
i didn't get any beach photos from this trip because it rained on us and we were more concerned with not getting soaked - which we failed at!! but i do have some monday walk photos to come on my next post, with plenty of beach scenes :)


  1. I love the skirt! I saw these the other day but wasn't sure if they were actually wearable but your photos show they are. Fabulous!!

  2. I love that skirt - I can't believe it's Primark! Feeling inspired to have another trip!

  3. I love those colours on you. You really suit those vivid shades.

  4. I've never played that game, but love a challenge so may have to give it a go sometime. Although me and my sister would probably pick the same thing xxx

  5. Ohh that skirt is too pretty x

  6. I love the outfit, it's stunning :) especially adore the necklace! x

  7. love that skirt and those boots. I have never played that game. It sound like a good challenge if you have money to blow!

  8. Ooh no, I haven't tried that game. Mind you, I haven't been into Primark to shop properly for months now!