Wednesday, 21 September 2011

down the waterfall, wherever it may take me..

i couldn't get today's title song out of my head after hearing it mentioned this morning on a radio interview, so thought i would post this outfit from a meeting last week with this cherub necklace (kind of an angel) which i bought from topshop yonks ago..someone mentioned "yonks" on twitter the other day as well, hence the reference - that's two things i have managed to let excape from my head in the first few lines of this post - amazing!

this dress is the first one i ever made by myself (well, discounting the things i used to try and create from old scraps of fabric and handstitching whilst i was in my teens!) when i took an evening class as an 'introduction to dressmaking" at a local school - definitely something i am really glad i did, and something i would recommend to anyone not knowing where to start with making their own clothes..i couldn't find the matching belt, which was a bit frustrating, as it's a little loose these days..

i wore the dress with my yellow charity-shop george cardigan, which is looking a little worse for wear as i never split my colours up to wash them - i'm a bit of a domestic slattern, what of it? - and my birthday shoes from the lovely alex to my first meeting of the county girlguiding PR committee, which i have been asked to join..i'm rather excited about it, we have a lot of ideas and are putting together a list of local shows and places which we can raise our profile across the county, and hopefully gain some more members..all with the help of our huge blue and yellow teepee!

still on a guiding note, i'm off to my first meeting of my new senior section unit this evening - eek..i'm a bit jittery about it, but i'm hoping that i will have some girls turn up (if all else fails i know my sister will be there as i am picking her up on the way!) and that we can get some kind of plan formed!


  1. Ooh wow the PR committee sounds amazing, good for the CV too :)
    Epic shoes!

  2. your shoes are so pretty! i love them, and your necklace:)
    xo Elly @

  3. That necklace is fab, so cute!! x

  4. You look lovely, the dress is gorgeous also loving the necklace!

    I hope your meeting goes well xx

  5. Hope your meeting went successfully! Lovely dress, it goes great with those heel. I think I may have been the yonker!

  6. Cute necklace!

  7. Ooo, gold, glittery shoes!
    So pleased all your Guiding 'stuff' is going well; they are jolly lucky to have you!
    Z xx