Friday, 16 September 2011

friday favourites 006

DSC06617 DSC06616 so i've changed the rules a little bit with this friday favourites post..i'm trying to steer myself away from the temptation of longing for anything brand new, so here are my two latest ebay bargain additions to my shoe collection..both irregular choice, and less than £20 altogether - i can't wait to wear them..


  1. Love the polka dot ones Char x

  2. How how how do you find them! There's never any IC in my size for less than £40!!!

  3. Those pink and red shoes are so cute, love the frilly edging, I always look in the window at the IC shop in London but sadly don't own any.. yet! x

  4. I love them!

    Please follow meee!

  5. I'm thinking the same as Kezzie - how DO you get such good IC bargains? Your IC love has brushed off onto me and I am trying for the 3rd time to purchse a pair of those IC banana shoes on ebay. (I refuse to call it 'win'!)
    One day a pair WILL be mine...ha ha ha ha!
    Z xx