Thursday, 22 September 2011

the future's not ours to see..


what with the sudden change in weather and temperature, i have been giving more and more thought to the items which my winter wardrobe is lacking..after a little bit of research, i was pointed in this direction - womens cashmere jumpers from pure collection

i'm a big fan of layering, especially during the winter months..i find that even during the coldest months i end up being too hot if i try to wear a jumper as the top half of my outfit, so i was really interested to see that Pure offer lots of different cashmere options..a few of my favourites are:
this pretty shade of blue would be perfect with some of my autumnal plum colours, and would also lend itself to spring colours when the weather picks up again.. 

i love mustard, it's not a secret..i just think it's the perfect shade for autumn walks as it makes me think of kicking through the leaves..


 and i really want to wear this cashmere camisole with my coloured trousers and some pixie boots.. 

one of the things i especially like about this company, is the fact that their cashmere is advertised as being 100% sustainable - that's true for every one of their's always lovely to read about a company who seem to genuinely believe in their policies, and my grandma would be proud; she's always telling me that cashmere is the only way to go for my knitwear needs! what's your favourite piece from the site?


  1. I would wear that grey cashmere camisole for EVER!
    Lummy, just been playing catch up on your blog...then you upload a new post! I can't keep up!!
    Z xx

  2. Cashmere....lush!

    I love that mustard colour x

  3. You already know i love them!! I'm so impressed with the quality and i'm not being biased i promise!
    The sale prices are really good too x

  4. Hey that's great! I love Cashmere! Will defo visit!
    Thanks for the card appreciation, I am quite sure yours are fab too- SHOW SHOW SHOW!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey lady! To answer your question about the eyelashes...apparently they last a month or more. A lady at the shop said 2 months, so we'll see. They're pretty awesome though, if you get a chance to try them do it!

  6. I like the shade of the blue cardigan. I pretty much live in cardigans nowadays