Thursday, 22 September 2011

girl you've got to be what tomorrow needs..


 does anyone else 'steal' outfit ideas from other bloggers? i guess this post is one big confession..i must admit i had never thought about putting these two items of wardrobe together until i saw Gemma doing it here on her post on the shoe girl diaries..i first stumbled across her blog when i was searching for a pair of irregular choice shoes - we share a passion for them, and also seem to have a very similar choice in dresses..and at the moment she is looking for pictures of irregular choice in action as she has challenged herself to a whole month of the lovely brand..

the pinks of the shoes and the dress seem to match almost perfectly - she's onto something there..and some little girl in the changing room at the gym seemed very impressed with my shoes, which meant that my bad mood brought on from the sheer quantity of small children messing about in the "adult lane swimming" pool was mitigated's not as though there aren't TWO other pools, one of which is for playing in only! ffs.


  1. Children! Don't get me started. Argh.
    I like to use the word 'inspired' by other bloggers' outfits, there's nothing wrong with that. Love your shoes and dress combo, that dress is lovely in all its polka-dottiness x

  2. You have the best dresses! Love the pink, such a gorgeous colour! x

  3. that dress and those shoes were meant to be! x

  4. This is definitely "inspired by" rather than "steal" - you and Gemma both look lovely, and I'm sure she is pleased you linked her up. It's so nice of you to do that. The dress looks gorgeous and the shoes are soooo cute! x

  5. There seems to be a spate of kids with parents that seem to think that any shop/bank etc is just a huge playground for their unruly brats! Chrissake, teach 'em some bloody manners!!! Argggh!
    And relax...
    Likey the shoe/dress combo. I think it is great that blogs 'inspire' us.
    Z xx

  6. Love the dress pattern. I'm a sucker for polka dots and pink!

  7. The dress and shoes are amazing together! X

  8. This outfit is probably my favourite one of yours ever, absolutely gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  9. Oh totally! In fact, when I sent Gemma my IC photos, I mentioned I was wearing the red pearl lowe dress and the reason I owned it was because I saw it on her blog and just had to track it down! Thank you Ebay!