Tuesday, 20 September 2011

i guess that i'm a bad guy now..

DSC06588DSC06589DSC06592 DSC06590 DSC06593

apologies for the terrible quality of these photos - i was in rather a rush to take these..last week i took the bf out for dinner for his bday, although as he was at a meeting during the day, i was lulled into a false sense of outfit-security as i figured he would be so late back he would want to go another evening..he was back quicker than expected, so i ended up getting home from swimming and having about twenty minutes before i had to meet him! i threw this outfit together, as the only thing i had decided was i wanted to wear my new(ish) agent provocateur stockings - i love them so much, and have to admit they were a lot more hard-wearing than i anticipated (i had visions of putting my thumb threw them before even putting them on or something equally awful!) i must point out that the bad influence behind finding these was pearl!
the polka dot dress is probably my best ever bargain from tk maxx, i bought it during college years for a party, and have no idea of the make (it's john zack, which i haven't really heard of) but it's one i have come back to so many times, the fit, the waist and the 'pouf' of the skirt seem just right for me..
i had a little bit of a change of mind with my shoe choice, opting for this new look pair of purple heels just as i was rushing out of the door, but all in all i'm hoping that the thrown-together look wasn't too scruffy!

this week has started out a little bit stressy, but i'm feeling like i have it all under control for the most has meant i've been in the office almost all night, and back again since 7am today, but all under control now i think - i didn't even have time to blog yesterday, or leave any comments, so that is next on the list!

shoes : new look // dress : tk maxx // stockings : agent provocateur // cardi : h+m


  1. I'm so happy you wore these!!!! x

  2. How funky are those stockings! If it was me though, I'd have laddered them first time I put them on!

  3. I love the clashing prints of the polka dots and flowers, looks good together! x

  4. Gorgeous, I love tights and stockings with slogans on and these are amazing!

    Maria xxx

  5. That Pearl! She has a lot to answer for!!
    I hope the BF approved!!!!!!!!
    Z xx