Saturday, 10 September 2011

i'm feeling like a star, you can't stop my shine..

DSC06544 this is today's to - do list, as well as running the local fesitval cake-stall with my guides between 10-4.. i'm hoping to get this finished by tomorrow so that i can wear it to my mummy's birthday party - i have the perfect shoes to go with it! :) anyone else ever feel like they would rather like another few hours in the day...?


  1. Oh yeah!! I can't be doing with these 24 hr days, just not enough are they.
    Can't wait to see that finished frock, the fabric is beautiful~ you're my dress making heroine!
    Kandi x

  2. Char, this is utterly gorgeous. I can't believe that you've made it (nearly) all by yourself. You are a genius. I started making a top some months ago and have abandoned it (temporarily) as it's far too complicated for my poor brain (grrrr). Can't wait to see a pic of you wearing it! xx

  3. Love that dress it reminds me of very Cath Kidston and I love CK. xx

  4. LOVE this dress, you will look gorgeous!

    Maria xxx

  5. Char that's so so lovely! I am soo impressed!!! Hope you got it done (and post photos). Hmmm, what shoes are you going to wear with this I wonder?
    I wore my first pair of ICs yesterday

  6. Thats a beautiful dress. Hope you all enjoy your mums birthday.