Monday, 5 September 2011

set fire to the rain..

DSC06546today feels like there is no escaping the start of autumn,.. DSC06545 the print of this dress makes me think autumn, and i figured the cardigan and shoes would go with the colours..

argh, it's a new term at guides, and i feel so disorganised..can i make a 'new-school-year' resolution? to be more organised?! even the huge diary chock-full of notes is not helping me..

dress : ebay (no idea of the make)
shoes : irregular choice
cardigan : new look


  1. That dress really suits you. I adore the pattern.
    Looking good, lady!

  2. I love your messy pile of shoes!!!!!!!

  3. The print and colour of this dress and cardigan really suits you. By the way hello! I have been watching your blog for a while (sorry if that sounds stalkery!) but I'm officially "following" now. I love your dress and shoe collection :)