Thursday, 1 September 2011

she'll be coming round the mountain..

views like this remind me of holidays


Llandudno pier from the Orme

looking back at how far i had come, can just about see the goats..

i am intrigued by the fact that this huge rock has a metal ring on the top, as though it's a pendant for a necklace of giants..

this is the remains of the Coastal Artillery school, the buildings of which were designed to look like nothing more than cottages, where soldiers would be was relocated to N Wales in the 1940s from Essex, as a larger area was necessary due to the threat of air raids at that time..

i was so expecting it to rain when i left the house, so was pleased when the sea looked nice and calm!

i find there's something oddly relaxing about the waves hitting the beach

the beach at West Shore, Llandudno

my day has taken a turn for the utterly shite-tastic today, so i am going to say very little, and post some of the pictures i took on monday on my relaxing walk around the Great Orme in Llandudno..i'd driven around it in the past, but decided it would be nice to take in the scenery a bit better by walking it..from the one side to the other is 4.5 miles, between tollgates, which added to the walk from our holiday house, which is in a neighbouring village, i figured out (with the help of google maps) that i'd walked about 10miles..

chinos + blouse : primark

as it was fairly cold, my outfit was chosen purely for layering purposes, and these boots were nice and comfortable for a full day of walking..

boots + headband : primark // cardigan : new look


  1. Excellent pics, the one of the waves from the cliffs looks scary tho! Good walking :)

  2. Shame you day took a turn for the worse...
    I adore LLandudno and the Great Orme. Your pictures are lovely, it must have made for a lovely walk.

  3. That is one heck of a walk! Gorgeous photos :)