Monday, 12 September 2011

skeleton you are my friend..

skeleton necklace : river island
berry coloured jersey dress : h&m

sequin waist belt : h&m

waterfall blazer : c/o tesco clothing
deer print blouse : h&m

heels : primark

horrible condition of hair : too much swimming!

this is the outfit i had in mind when i saw the deer print blouse in h&m..i'd previously picked up this jersey dress from there, after seeing it on one of charlene's posts (here) and had decided i would give it a go as i really like the colour..usually i'm not confident with jersey, as i think it's not a very forgiving, clingy fabric for all the lumps and bumps i seem to have.. layered under the dress, i love the blouse, and the odd length experience i had the other day isn't an issue.. this little skeleton captured my heart when i first saw him a couple of months ago in river island - i'm not usually a massive fan of the river island jewellery section, as i get put off by all of the diamante they seem to cram into each and every item, but this was an exception, and i went back to track him down, only to find that he was sold out of my store - gaah! so i was lucky to find it in one of the other stores i've been to recenltly.. also, these primark heels must be top of the list of this years' most worn purchases - i bought them in manchester when i went to the blogger's meet up, and since then i wear them to the office at least once a week- which is not so good on my other shoes, which get less of a chance..but they are so comfortable, and so simple that they go with so many outfits! i may have to get the heel tips replaced at some point in the future, but even so, at £12 i think they were a total bargain!


  1. The skeleton necklace is gorgeous!!!

    Lee x

  2. Oh my word I LOVE this necklace! So much so that I have just placed a sneaky ASOS order for one of my own...
    I know what you mean about River Island bling- it's all a bit Elizabeth Duke from time to time in there, but they do come up with the occasional gem!

    xxx Maddie

  3. I love your layering! I think you look fab, and the skeleton necklace is pretty cool as well. xx

  4. Amazing outfit and the necklace is so cute xx

  5. I love the way you've styled the dress! The necklace is so adorable too and those heels are KILLER x

  6. LOVE this outfit! The necklace is pretty awesome, I never even go into River Island, think I have the same opinion of their jewellery (and clothes!) as you! :)

  7. Oh my god that necklace is so so gorgeous and I love your outfit all of it looks lovely xx

  8. I do love the colour of that dress on you! xo

  9. Char you look beaaaaaautiful in this- seriously it looks lovely on you! I love that blouse- ooh is it still in the shops!!!!!

  10. and in my view you just reached a new personal best with that outfit, you look AMAZING!!!
    Still jealous of that gorgeous blouse. x

  11. I really like the deer print blouse and of course I love the skeleton necklace - brilliant! You look lovely as always Charlotte and I'm sorry for the delayed blog comments. Hope you've been ok, your letter will be coming to you soon! xxx

  12. I love this outfit, you look lovely. And the skeleton is so cute! x

  13. I love that necklace, I have been seeing alot of river island stuff I like lately.

  14. Love the skeleton necklace, especially his crown!

    I have moved my blog now to thought I best tell you in case you can't find me! I have a redirect on my old URL but on some peoples blog rolls and google reader it isn't updating when I post until they change it to the new one.

  15. Gorgeous outfit Char, makes your waist look teeny! Love the autumn colours!

  16. I love that necklace it's so amazing and you are rocking those heels. I can't believe they were only £12 ! mega bargain xx

  17. That was such a fun day doing the bloggers meet. I feel so lucky to have met you all.
    And those shoes still give me vertigo, just looking at them!
    Z xx