Saturday, 3 September 2011

tick tock the clock is turning red..

reasons why char is never on time for anything.

about ten minutes beforei'm due to be at whatever social occasion i am off to, i decide what to wear...


about five minutes later, i decide i do not like the first outfit. i change elements of it. i add new accessories in case that makes me like it more..

five minutes later i decide that i still don't like it. i change the whole fucking lot, deciding to wear whatever it was i had thought about wearing that morning.

i rush out of the door in a panic, race to wherever i was supposed to be, and turn up red-faced and late. again.

am i the only person who does this!?

outfit one - mustard cardi : peacocks // velvet shorts : river island (sale) // felt hat : river island //bug print vintage dress : ebay // pixie boots : office // unicorn bag : river island

outfit two - blue cardi : new look // headband : gift from fritha // leopard print bag : primark

outfit three - horse print cardi : clothing at tesco // dress : oasis (sale) //


  1. I do tend to faff around trying to decide what to wear so if I know I am going somewhere in advance and have time to think about it, I will stop myself doing this by laying something out and sticking with it! However, that rarely happens and I will decide something is wrong with it and change!
    I like that dress!

  2. I definitely do too.. or I rush out in an outfit I'm not happy in and make it on time but distraught :( But I love those velvet shorts!

  3. Bless you, I do this. All. The. Time. Some lovely mixing of prints in your last outfit

  4. Nope! Either I find something I want to wear straight away (pretty rare) or I spend ages getting stressed about it... You'd think I would learn and decide the night before what I'm going to wear, but so far I'm yet to reach this level of maturity. xx

  5. I do this quite often lol I am always late!!

  6. Getting ready at the last minute is always the best way to do it as you have no time to ponder about what goes with what, you just have to throw it on!

  7. Haha this made me laugh! I am a bit OCD and have to get my outfit ready the night before. I cannot be dealing with panicking at 6am!

  8. oh, I'm hearing you on this! I am dreadful for saying "I have NOTHING to wear"... I cannot put anything together until the very laast minute. I love your mustard cardi, mine is not so nice as yours.