Tuesday, 27 September 2011

wondering why, got out of bed at all..

DSC06636 DSC06637 DSC06640 DSC06639

i'm not really a fan of this outfit, or these photos, but there you go.. i tried to dress bright and cheerful last week to cheer myself up, as i knew i had some bad news coming my way from an didn't really work insomuch as i wasn't that cheerful all day, but oh well..
i do like the skirt, i spotted the bird print when i was in the bullring new look store a while ago on my way home from stratford, and couldn't resist's a funny length, but i wore it so that the waistband was quite high up on me, which wasn't too obvious under this h&m knitted vest..there's so many reasons why i shouldn't like this top, (it's fairly see-through, and shapeless, which makes me think frumpy) but i do keep getting drawn back to it..

and i took the opportunity to wear my irregular choice disco heaven heels, which had the right sort of colours in, and this quirky necklace from topshop whcih i managed to untangle from the mass of necklaces which really needs some more attention!


  1. Oh but I love this outfit! So want this skirt!!!! And the shoes! And how hilarious is that necklace- like a lego people necklace!
    Ahrgh, necklace untangling- I spent an hour doing that last weekend!

  2. there is nothing frumpy about the top, don't fret. The skirt is pretty cool. Shame your super cheerful outfit didn't lift your spirits x

  3. I love the print on this skirt, sorry to hear you didn;t have some very good news Char :( Hope everything is ok.

  4. Oh I like that top. Perhaps try tucking it in or overbelting if you don't like the shape?

    The colours are lovely :)

  5. Wow this skirt is awesome, love the print! :)