Tuesday, 6 September 2011

you got me so high, so high i cannot feel the fire..

well after getting back into the new term / old routine, i'm starting to feel a little more organised, and my weeks are filling up again with alarming speed, as is the perpetual to-do list.. but i sometimes thinik that's a good thing, i like to have a routine, and i've always functioned better under pressure..i started off the new term at guides last night, and we had a good meeting, with new faces who were happy to join in, which is always good, and the plan is coming together already to take us up to the xmas break - eek! the next thing on the list (other than bake cakes for various birthdays, and functions this weekend!) is to figure out how i go about starting up a rangers unit - why do i agree to these things first, and then think about how i will actually fit it all in to my life afterwards?!

did i commit a sin against fashion with black tights and black peep toe shoes ? i'm not sure why, but something about them together makes me think i've 'done' a big 'don't'..?


heels : primark

dress : h&m

anyway, today's outfit..i flicked through the rail this morning and it took a while before anything really jumped out at me..the rain was tapping down outside, and i kinda couldn't be i went for this really low no-maintenance dress, which never needs to see an iron (unlike all the others - it's a good job i love ironing, as i seem to spend my life doing it!) and added some black to finish the outfit off..


  1. Oh gosh Charlotte, please live in this dress, it was MADE for you xo

  2. I like the black and orange combo!!
    Iron? What's one of those?!

  3. I avoid peep toes as I don't like toes at all! The bright coral dress works great with the black x

  4. You look great Char! Love the red and black. You are shrinking before my very eyes!!

  5. I loooved this dress when i saw it instore, but sadly it didn't like me. It looks really nice.
    I have been known to wear the opaques with a peeptoe, rules are there to be broken! x

  6. That dress is gorgeous on you Char! I love things that don't need to be ironed!! I think black tights and black peep toe shoes are fine :)

  7. I never knew black tight and black shoes was a no no. I break that rule all the time. They look great!! x