Friday, 30 September 2011

you're a throw back to forever, in your denim jeans and leather..

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today i want to talk about denim and i'd like some advice..and yes, i know what you're thinking.. you're looking back over all of my outfit posts and thinking "but you never even wear jeans!"..which would be true of the last few years..a little known fact, though, is that i used to live in jeans during my college years..and given that i have been trying to build my confidence up when it comes to wearing trousers again, i was thinking that jeans would be the next natural step..

there seems to have been such a surge in the range of denim possibilities, i decided to do a bit of searching for some of the different shapes and styles i may consider..all of these pictures are ladies jeans from marisota and i'm considering them all for different reasons:

  • flares - i'm not much of a seventies fashion girl, i'm no good with maxi dresses as i trip over the hems, and i am always worried that flared trousers will make me look a bit too wide all the way down..but i really like this style, it's quite a huge flare, so definitely avoids any balanced top-to-bottom issues, giving me nothing to worry about..i like the idea of them with the heels as well..

  • zipped skinnies - whilst 'skinny' is not something i would label myself, i do love that the skinny-jean trend has really taken off, and proven itself to be very flattering to all body shapes - not just the stick thin of the world..i really like the zips on these, and think they are my favourite of the lot..

  • carpenter - although i wasn't aware of the term, this is the style of jeans i used to wear most often in my college days, kind of wide leg, although not quite flares, with zips and pockets galore to give them a utility feel..perfect with a pair of converse trainers..

  • regular - no extra denim here, just enough to enhance curves..these would probably be perfect for everyday wear, and i can imagine them tucked into some pixie boots when the weather gets a bit worse..

which is your favourite style? and do you have any advice for me for buying the perfect pair of jeans..


  1. Even though I'm not a trousers girl either I like the "carpenter" style best (why is it called that?!) x

  2. I've stuck to skinnies since I was 17. I'd love to try something else but even a straight leg feels too airy nowaday.
    Newlook have loads of different styles though, I'd just use them as a tester and try on loads.

  3. I've spent ages recently looking for some new jeans, I'm quite short so trying to find some that don't go past my feet seems to be a problem! I always used to stick to bootcut jeans but tried on some flared ones and some straight leg ones which I thought would look terrible on me but ended up buying both so I guess my advice would be try on different styles and you may be surprised! x

  4. I'd go for something fairly practical if I were you. I've only worn my flared pair once, not cos I don't like them, but cos they're long and have to be worn with heels and the weather is never quite on my side :(

    Try some skinnies on! I reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised by how much you like them.

  5. I'm always a skinny jean girl, gap do the best. x hivenn

  6. I'm the complete opposite to you... I feel SO self-conscious in dresses and skirts that I never, ever wear them. I live in skinny jeans (even though I'm not "skinny" at all, haha), I just find it so much easier to throw on any top/cardie combo with jeans. I definitely think straight legs look better on most people... I like skinnies, but when they're so skin tight that they cut into you, it aint good! x

  7. I was the same as you until I tried my super skinny berry jeans from miss Selfridge and I love them :) I would have it the high waisted ones though if only I knew they existed :)

    Maria xxx

  8. I guess I like a cross between a carpenter and flares but without all the zips and things, just plain, wide-legged jeans that don't clasp your bottom, thighs, or any part of your leg- I can't abide having denim tight against my legs- it drives me insane!