Monday, 31 October 2011

if you could only see, the beast you made of me..

DSC06887 DSC06889 DSC06885 just a speedy post today, which i hope will be all correctly spelled, but if not put it down to the fact that i am not used to wearing false nails. aren't these ones amazing though - charlene sent them to me last week and i love them! as i didn't have chance to make the halloween costume i had planned, i went with the haunted house print t-shirt dress i found on the topshop website about four years ago - i feel like a bit of a cheat as i wore it for the last halloween party i went to also, but i suppose it doesn't get worn at any other time really so it's not too bad..i added flat boots as it's quite short and i get a bit scaredy when it comes to short hems and heels, and avoid them. has anyone else got any halloween plans - i'm having a costume party at guides this evening, so am off to buy mini donuts to string up and apples to bob for..

Friday, 28 October 2011

i bought a new pair of shoes..i got a new attitude..

DSC06815 DSC06814 DSC06811 i think this pair of shoes was the first pair of irregular choice i ever bought..i have worn them more times than i care to remember, and they have paid for themselves tens of times over i'm sure, as they came from ebay when i first made an account! here i've worn them with a simple primark dress, and added my new favourite skeleton necklace from river island, for an effortless office outfit..

Thursday, 27 October 2011

thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening..

nail polish : no7 'me me me'

carousel earrings : topshop (years ago!)

leopard print cardi : primark

dress : vera moda

'near miss' heels : office
  i love these heels..if i had designed them, maybe i would have given them the same shape of heel but higher, but they are comfy, quirky enough but not so much that i couldn't wear them to a meeting, and they have lightning bolts on them..and glitter!
they're called 'near miss' and i think they are aptly named - i first saw them in a magazine years ago (during a uni seminar, most likely!) and HAD to have them..i knew they would be from office, so i called up the head office and asked when they would be available to order, and was told, and ordered them when they came out..then i received a letter to say that they were being recalled due to a defect, and i was gutted..i took them back into the store after receiving the letter, and asked if they would be fixing the shoes as i'd rather have them fixed then get a refund for them..i was told that they weren't sure if they would be fixed, and that the line was to be discontinued, although they didn't tell me what the problem i kept them..and they haven't injured me, fallen apart, or caused me to choke on small parts, yet anyway..

has anyone else ever had a product recalled?

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

come fly with me..

shoes : irregular choice
dress: primark // cardigan: matalan
DSC06863 DSC06864 DSC06861 DSC06865

i can't decide if i like this outfit or not, i was toying with the idea of matching the dress to some mustard heels instead, but then i remembered that's what i always wear with this dress..and i fancied a change..
enter irregular choice kitten heels with nursery rhyme print! and polka dots! and forks and spoons! and bows! what more could one ask for on their feet? and they're comfortable, which is a good thing as i have a fairly busy evening ahead..
i'm off to give blood (which i hate!) and then after that walking to the theatre as my friend is in a dance show..provided i make it there without fainting or anything :(

in other news, i came home to the most lovely of parcels yesterday from darling charlene! she has a lovely blog here, and also sells her amazing nail art designs on her website here!! i'm a little bit in love with these cuties, and can't wait til the weekend when i can try them out in time for halloween..although i have to admit i have never tried false nails before, so i would be grateful of any tips...

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

tuesday titles 001..


i'm not sure what it is recently but each time i have read a new book, i've made a few little review-style notes about it, what i thought, whether i would recommend it i thought i would do what some of the other bloggers i read sometimes do, and put together a new post feature for my thoughts on the things i have read..welcome to 'tuesday titles'..

To the Moon and Back - Jill Mansell
i bought this with a voucher i'd been given for e-books from one of my friends, which i had loaded onto my account but not got around to actually spending any of, as i tend to go for the free downloads.. however, i knew there was a new jill mansell book out, and i have always been a fan of her work, so i figured it was a safe bet, and downloaded it onto the kindle a couple of weeks ago..i finished it in two sittings, and found it very easy to devour, which i would say is standard for jill's books - i read my first one by chance after picking it up at a jumble sale about ten years ago and have been hooked ever since! to the moon and back tells the story of ellie, who is in the process of making a fresh start with her life and meets roo, who has a secret which she needs to sort out..i like the way that whilst all of the jill mansell books i have read have been full of likeable characters, and are easy to read, she doesn't seem to fall into that trap that so many other female authors tend to of being formulaic and therefore predictable..the book had just the right amount of twists and turns, and everything tied in rather nicely without becoming predictable..i'd thoroughly recommend this to anyone..also i would recommend that you follow her on twitter, too as she seems to be really lovely, which always helps :)

The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan
i picked this up by chance from the 'just returned' shelf in the library a while ago, and it's quirky format appealed to me, although i didn't know what to expect. the lover's dictionary is described by the author as a novel in a unique format, as it is set out like a dictionary..each page is a new entry, alphabetically ordered as you would expect from a dictionary, with all of the words containing a short (between a paragraph and a couple of pages) entry which makes up a jigsaw piece of the story..i must say, that although i felt it was an interesting concept, i didn't find that it read very reminded me of one of those books from when you were younger where you would start at page one and then choose which page to go to next (i can't be the only person who remembers these?!) as it just didn't seem to run together at all..i don't think it helped me that the narrator was one half of the nameless couple, only ever referred to as 'you' and 'i', which i presume was a decision by the writer to make the characters seem more relateable, ie they could be any couple, even the reader themselves? the fact that the ending was left so ambiguous was another reason that i felt it didn't work for me, but it's an interesting concept, and isn't a long book, so may be worth a try if you come across it in the local library..

The Carrie Diaries : Summer and the City - Candace Bushnell
ok, so obviously i have seen sex and the city. i've watched the movies, and although i was never a huuuuge fan - i watched most of the boxset when my sister got it for xmas one year - although i have to admit i have never read the book..when i saw this in the library, a prequel to the 'sex and the city' book which the whole series was based on, i figured it would be worth a read, and imagined it to be quite amusing..perhaps i was getting the writing of candace bushnell confused with the screen-writers' talent on the series, as i don't think there was anything particularly amusing throughout the follows the story of carrie bradshaw as a naive college student who moves to new york and follows her somewhat unrealistic first few months in the city she has always dreamed of being a part of..i do wonder sometimes if i am overly critical of books whose characters' lives are just so incredibly unrealistic..does anyone really decide to move to new york to become one of the members of the upper class society not knowing anyone, or having any job or similar background theirselves? i know that carrie, which i'm sure to the vast majority of readers will conjure up an unstoppable image of SJP, is the city princess who we all wish to be, but i think i just found the premise frustratingly unreaslistic and difficult to relate to..i sort of found it hard to like carrie; she came across as not just naive, but a bit of a free-loader, in the way she turned up on samantha's door-step on a few occasions when things weren't working out and expected to be able to stay, despite the fact that she only hardly knew the woman..i also found the conincidental aspects of her meetings with miranda a little hard to believe, but i guess that's the point of fiction..i understand that there's an earlier title in the carrie diaries also, but this worked alright as a stand-alone book, and a bit of froth if you like that kind of thing - probably a must-read for fans of the characters from the series..

Monday, 24 October 2011

a very merry unbirthday to me..

 anyone who has read a handful of my outfit posts, or has been in my wardrobe room, will know that i'm a total sucker for anything with a quirky when the lovely folks at very contacted me to ask if i would like to review an item from their site, i knew what i wanted - this dog print playsuit has been on my wishlist for a long while, so i jumped at the chance to add it to the quirky print section of my wardrobes..

i've got to admit i've not done very much shopping from the very site in the past, but i do like to browse, and am particularly fond of their 'celebrity' collections..i like the contrasts between the Fearne and Holly clothing; Fearne items being more rock-and-ready than Holly's more feminine, mad-men inspired dresses..but my favourite collaboration collection of them all has to be DeeVee by Diana Vickers, which always seems to be full of pretty prints with a quirky twist, and cute knits with fur trims and sequins to give a bit of added pizazz..

as i hadn't shopped from the range before, i was a little wary about the sizing, and deliberated over which size i ought to go for..but i took heed of the advice given on the page by those who had bought and reviewed the item (something which i think more websites are beginning to offer, which i think is definitely a good thing, and i do pay attention to them, as well as adding my own!) and ordered my usual size, rather than sizing up (which i often do with a playsuit / jumpsuit, as i have a bit of a complex about the size of my bum / tum / thighs)..i was a little worried when it arrived that i wouldn't fit into it, but i needn't have been, the cut is great, and it's totally true to size so i'm glad i didn't size up..

as well as the print (of course), i really like the cut and quality of the playsuit - the inside is all lined with cream satin, which i think adds a bit of a luxe feel to it, and means there are no worries about the fact that it's a pale colour and coule be's not at all, which i was suprised and pleased about..the net at the top of the back of the playsuit adds a little something to the garment as well in my opinion..the front is cut to a fairly high neckline, so i think the section at the back is there to lend the playsuit a bit of a 'partywear' feel..

i found it quite easy to wear, and very it was a chilly day by the beach, i added a pair of thick woolen tights which i thought would pick out the plum accents of the dog print, and then threw on a chunky knit cardigan over the top for warmth..

i'm really happy with this piece and would recommend both the service and the quality of the product to anyone looking for something a little bit different from that which you can get on the high street..

Saturday, 22 October 2011

and i am left while the tears fall..

owl shoes : irregular choice
robot earrings : handmade by me

orange vest : primark

dress : pop vintage boutique,

i love these cheerful little robots..they're made from some leftover shrink-paper, drawn and shrunk, and then painted and varnished..i miss being randomly creative..
clearly this outfit has taken it's time being posted, it was worn when it was so warm a couple of weeks ago, i'm just catching up..

Friday, 21 October 2011

maybe it's not my weekend, but this could be my year..

DSC06830 DSC06828 DSC06829 DSC06827 DSC06831

well i'm not having the greatest day, but everyone's allowed a day of feeling shit and sorry for themselves now and again, i hope..
i love this dress, and was hoping that it would restore some of my self-confidence..i seem to have lost an inch of most of my measurements this week, although i woudln't recommend this method!
dress: dorothy perkins  //  cardigan, heels and waist belt: primark
the weekend has to get better, right?

Thursday, 20 October 2011

do you think you're better off alone..

dress: new life charity centre

tights: new look // cardigan: tu at sainsburys // heels: primark

i'm not sure whether i'm a huge fan of this mix of coloured tights and shoes, but i was in a bit of a rush this morning to get out of the house so just grabbed the first things i could think of..i read somewhere the other day about matching the colour of your tights to your shoes for longer legs..i realise that this doesn't match, but i think that's what inspired me to mix the colours..  

DSC06826 DSC06803 DSC06806

and finally some new bits and bobs to get excited about..
  • lovely blogger victoria from lily loves lola sells these pretty friendship bracelets here so i decided to use some of the survey points i'd cashed in towards a purple heart one - so simple and yet so pretty!
  • one of the people who helps at my guide unit picked up this little guiding bear somewhere with me in mind, he's now living in pride of place on my bookshelf :)
  • i've been getting through the no7 vouchers like there is no tomorrow - this is the latest nail polish i picked up with's called 'me me me' and has lasted well for the first half of this week, until i went swimming..
  • my newest addition to the shoe heap - alex managed to place a winning bid for me on this pretty pair of lilac irregular choice heels, whilst we were driving back from the vintage fair a couple of weeks back..until they arrived i hadn't realised that they have clearly never been worn before - a total bargain - now just need ot plan an outfit for them!
  • and finally, i've had my eye on this green knitted cape from river island for a while now, and have been checking whether it's been in stock in any of the stores i've been to over the last few months, but hadn't seen it..when it was put into the sale last week on the site, i decided i couldn't resist it any longer..i think it will be perfect for the cold weather over a dress and some boots; again, i just need to find a suitable outfit for it..
so plenty of things to keep me happy..who needs men (brave break-up talk there, right!)

also, if you fancy signing up to secret santa, the details are on my last post - drop me an email, the list is growing :)

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

**bloggers' secret santa**

secret santa 

ironically, given that i am a bit of a scrooge when it comes to christmas and the early talk which seems to surround it, i have decided to arrange a bloggers' secret santa.. the rules are fairly simple:

  • Sign up by emailing me (dinoprincesschar(at) with a link to your blog, and your postal details (I am v. trustworthy and will only pass these on to your Secret Santa).  Please include anything you think your Secret Santa ought to know - likes, dislikes, allergies...
  • Closing date for sign ups is 10am Friday 4th November.
  • I will match everyone up and email you with the details of your Secret Santa

  • The spend limit for the present will be £5
  • Wrap your present with the label "Bloggers' Secret Santa present - not to be opened until Christmas!" (or similar) and send it via a trackable method. (The total likely spend including postage will be approx £8)
  • Parcels to be posted by 9th December.

  • Once you have posted your present, please email me to let me know the tracking no, so that the parcel can be tracked in case of any problems.
  • Once you have received your gift, please let me know it's arrived (so I can tick it off, and chase any which are missing)
Please sign up via email (not in the comments section!) and spread the word - the more the merrier! I'm hoping that there will be a button soon, as soon as it's ready for the taking, take! :)

Monday, 17 October 2011

it touches your heart when you can see wild horses running free..

some photos from my weekend..well, all from saturday really, as i did not do anything photo-worthy on sunday, i had an emotional day working on my #caanowrimo novel challenge..the less said about that at the moment, the better, i have a loooooooooong way to go!     

the beautiful view from the car as we made our way home through the countryside!

baby rabbits (and a charming face!)
on friday, i went to stay with one of my best friends, and then on saturday the four of us girls went for a trip was lovely to spend time with my best friends, i seem to be leaving it much too long between visits recently..
we went ice skating, which (despite the pain caused to i think everyone's feet) was great fun..i hadn't been for over a year, although i do love it..i have serious room for improvement; i'd love to be able to skate backwards one day..and maybe do a spin..we didn't fall over, though, which i think was quite an achievement (although lis and i came close when we were trying to do "our trick" to show the others!)
the photo where i learned a valuable lesson about not taking photos whilst trying to keep your balance on ice skates..
after skating we headed out on the hunt for somewhere nice to eat..we took a scenic route due to the traffic, and spotted a sign reading "now serving food", and screeched into the car park, starving! after a few "seconds" wait (there was one woman serving when we arrived, and she just kept telling us "be with you in a second", and by the time we had our order taken poor lis had taken to eating the sugar cubes!) we had some lovely baguettes, and then headed on home, where we played with the baby rabbit (i want one, but only if he promises to stay hand-sized!)..
silver sequin shoes: primark

horse print dress: reko (at topshop)

cardigan, sequin belt, hair bow: all h&m
finally, i headed home late-afternoon, and got to my friends' house about 6pm, got changed, and took her out for dinner at a little local italian and a birthday night out..this was my outfit for the evening - apologies for the state of my tired eyes, i forgot to take any photos until i had got home about half 1, after hours of dancing and driving her home..i hod forgotten i owned this dress, and then saw something similar in a shop recently, which reminded me..i'm not sure if i have ever worn it befroe, but it's been in the wardrobe for two or three years..

how was your weekend?

Sunday, 16 October 2011

all for a leather jacket, we were so indecisive..

11oct4 11oct3 11oct2 11oct1 this is one of the amazing finds from the vintage fair - a green leather coat.. no, i've never been a grand fan of leather jackets, i don't think i have ever really had the desire for one, but when we visited the vintage fair last weekend at aintree racecourse, it was something which metaphorically jumped off the rail at me..(as opposed to when i got it off the rail, and one of it's neighbouring dresses physically jumped out at me).. i need to take some better photos of it - these were by iphone as my camera battery was dead and i was dead on my feet and didnt' want to wait for it to charge before i could change into my pjs! - but you get the general idea.. what do you think of leather - the perfect autumn / winter wardrobe staple, or something which should be saved for your motorcycle? dress: handmade by me // shoes: irregular choice // gold cardigan: primark // leather coat: judys' affordable vintage fair