Monday, 10 October 2011

collecting your jar of hearts..

heart necklace : white stuff (gift)

teal cropped tee : primark

boots : barratts, via ebay 99p (brand new!)

floral skirt : primark

this is one of my outfits from last week..i was feeling quite slouchy, hence the oversized, and yet also cropped tee, and the flat suedey boots, which i believe were a total bargain! i really like these colours for my autumn wardrobe, teal and plum are on my list of favourites now that the weather seems to have settled back down after the crazy sunshine of the previous week..

i spent a lovely weekend visiting alex, and spent a lovely few days playing in the maze, vintage shopping, marathon cheering and essay novel-writing..there will be a post with all that we got up to later on this week, but the photos are on my netbook, and i forgot to bring it in my sovertired state this morning- woke up at 3am and have no idea why! :/

here is a ridiculous photo to keep you going though...


in other news i drew the winner of my caanowrimo giveaway this morning, and the winner was entry #6 - from hazel - the prize will be winging it's way to her asap!
and than k you very much to everyone who entered, i have made a list and am working hard to get the ideas into my (awful) novel!


  1. I cannot believe you got those boots for only 99p, such a find! You're totally right about these colours for Autumn, you look lovely - the pattern on your skirt it adorable :)

    Alice xo

  2. Haha that last photo is adorable x

  3. Wow those boots were only 99p?!? Amazing find!

  4. Love the boots and necklace Char.
    You look really cute in that last photo, glad you and Alex had a fun time x

  5. love those plum boots and what a bargain!

  6. Hilarious shot Char! I do like silly shots!!!
    The outfit is nice- that's a good way of styling a slouchy t-shirt!

  7. I love those boots, what a bargain!

  8. Love these colours and this song is one of my faves at the moment, gorgeous voice!

    Maria xxx

  9. Cute outfit :). Love the last photo hehe x