Tuesday, 1 November 2011

don't come back for me, just who do you think you are..


well it's not exactly news that the last week or so has not been my best. my stomach seems to be in constant pain, i'm a bit annoyed to be honest, at the fact that instead of sending me off for further tests and a potentially more permanent solution should the pain return, they've just packed me off with another course of tablets to take 'as needed'. ie. be in pain, then take them..gaaah.
and the less said about the break-up the better..i had a terrible evening on friday, and didn't much feel like writing any blog posts for the weekend, but so far this week is getting off to a much more positive start..and it's a new month, so i'm going to be selfish and say this month i will focus on me..

i'd like to thank a few people for their constant support and advice, twitter lovelies simonne and steph never seem to get annoyed with my whingey tweets and are always full of sensible suggestions, so if you are on twitter and you don't follow them, you should do!
and some of the wonderful blogging buddies i have 'met' along the way - thank you to charlene, ingrid, hazel, tasha, sophie, and nicci, for all of the post i have come home to last week which has put a smile on my face, and to chloe for keeping me sane over the weekend, and also for her inspirational post here which has made me realise i need to start doing things for me!

obviously whilst on the mentions, thank you to alex for always putting up with my constant barrage of texts, tweets and emails (usually whinge-related!) and please go over to her blog now and congratulate her for completing our #caanowrimo challenge in october - by the end of the month she has written 50,000 words on her novel - expect to see it in a bookshop near you soon..
as for my attempt at novel-writing, it's not gone well..i have to admit that i haven't *quite* made it to half of the expected word count, which i can put down to a few factors (the main one being that i am a champion procrastinator - my flat has never been so tidy!)..but i have decided that i am going to extend my deadline, and keep writing it to the end of november, giving me a target of 50K over the two months, which even i should be able to manage..i just need to get my act together!

and finally onto today's outfit..this matalan dress has made me pleased this morning, as i can fasten a smaller hole on the belt than the last time i wore it..i was having a dilemma about what to wear these tights with, as they have been in my tights box for ages and i really like them..sadly i have been sat at my desk all morning, and still they have managed to get a hole in them - how on earth has that happened?! i'm stressing about them as i am off swimming after work, and then have to go somewhere after, and i'm not convinced they'll make it through the changing-room process in one piece..i added some heels, as i wore flats yesterday and over the weekend and i felt the need for some height..and a primark bangle and cardigan to finish it all feels nice to write!

dress: matalan // tights, cardigan, shoes, bangle: primark

also, if you would still like to sign up for the bloggers' secret santa, you have until friday and are more than welcome to - click the button on the top of my sidebar to find out how to do it :)   


  1. I love the mix of the tights and the dress :) x

  2. I love the print and colours of your dress, nice and bright, they put a smile on my face! Hope your feeling a bit better soon! :) x

  3. I love your tights, I can never find such good stuff in Primark!x

  4. Well half of 25,000 is the equivalent of an MPhil so I think that is pretty impressive! So sorry you're in pain- miserable docs- take care Char!x

  5. I really hope November is the month of things going your way Char, it's about time :)
    You look amazing here, love the co-ordinated dress and shoes with those tights in the midst, such a shame they have failed already :(

  6. That dress is gorgeous! I'm sorry to hear you're not feeling good :( I've just written to you tonight!

  7. Love your tights Char.
    I hope this month is much better for you, health and heart wise xx

  8. Gorgeous dress, your waist looks so tiny! I am working on my letter to you at the minute, will have it sent out soon promise!

  9. You'll get there with the novel, don't you worry! And it's *never* a case of putting up with you - you keep me sane!

  10. Sorry to hear you're in pain, hate that. Things I have learned about Drs though, you have to be quite pushy and persistent with them.

    Glad I was useful over the weekend, and thanks for the mention of the post on Monday, I;m glad you got something from it. I had this conversation with TG though, I'm not sure I'd really call it or me inspiring. It's just my experience.

  11. Love the tights! Sometimes I wish we could see your makeup closer as I think your eye makeup looks nice!