Thursday, 3 November 2011

get cape. wear cape. fly.


i'm aware that this title is a band name rather than my usual lyric, but i couldn't think of anything more apt..(and they're a great band- go listen!)
anyway, since this cape arrived, i have wanted to wear it and have tried it on with every outfit i've put togther this week so far.. i finally decided that, yes, it would maybe feasibly go with my dress today..i made this dress much earlier in the year, tried it on before i sewed it all together, and then discovered it was miles too big, so i have been trying to subtly alter it..i still feel like it's too big at the top, though, so perhaps it needs more attention still and i had to find a waist-cinching belt as otherwise it still looks waay too big :( perhaps i should start again..
i decided that it would go well with these irregular choice courtesans, and dug out this necklace, which was a present from my mum for xmas last year in my stocking..

i also decided that perhaps the cape was too OTT (even for me - you'd think work would be used to it by now..!) so changed to a cardigan of almost the same colour for the day, and will wear the cape this evening instead..i sort of want to wear it everyday and go walking in the woods..

dress: handmade by me
cape: river island (sale)
cardigan: river island (sale)
shoes: irregular choice
necklace: And Mary, via local boutique


  1. I love the color!

  2. Really cute outfit, I love the cape, it's too OTT at all it's really nice :) x

  3. You made the dress? Very impressed! I love the cape, you're green riding hood! :)xx

  4. Love the cape Char, you look great :)xxx

  5. I really envy your dress making skills Char! This is lovely!

  6. love the way you cinched the dress with that belt. the whole outfit is gorgeous. I love the look of the cape, such a lovely colour too