Thursday, 24 November 2011

the ice inside your soul..


 i have an iPhone, which i probably use, look at, touch, play with, etc on average about sixty thousand times a day..i text, call and tweet on it, although to be honest very little else; i have no music loaded on it as i have my trusty iPod which actually fits into my docking station, whereas my phone will only fit if i take the cover off..

the most annoying thing about my phone..? definitely it's battery life, without a shadow of a doubt..yes, i've done all the things which common sense would tell me to; i have the location services turned off, and don't have the email setting on automatic..i don't have any automatic updates set up on it or any of it's apps, and the brightness setting is always right down at it's lowest (well, unless someone else wants to actually read or look at something on there, at which point i have to momentarily turn it up to avoid complaints of 'how can you read things on that, i can't see anything?!')

so when i was asked if i would like to review this kensington mini battery pack for ipods / iphones, i thought it could be just what i needed..i charged it up with the USB cable when it arrived, and waited for my phone to be getting low on battery, then plugged it in..(i had a little trouble getting it to fit and then stay connected, as i have quite a chunky outer case on my phone)

the charger claims it'll allow you to 'enjoy an extended playtime of up to 30 hours of music; 6 hours of video; or 3 hours of talk'..i'm not sure if this would be the case, but as i've said, i don't have music on my phone, so can't comment on the music play-time until i get a chance to connect it to the ipod..when i plugged it in the phone did begin to charge, although the 100% light rather quickly went off and the 60% power light on the pack lit up in it's place..

it definitely is something i would advise packing in a bag ready-charged if you have a long journey to go on - the grey cap also clips onto the battery pack (as in the middlephoto) in a way that creates a stand for your phone when you have it plugged in, so that could be useful if you were on a journey and wished to watch a movie or something..?

if i remembered to keep it charged up and to take it with me, i think it's a good little gadget for those times when you have forgotten your charger, or can't get to a socket - i'm thinking it could be useful for future camping trips! i wouldn't rely on it very often as i'm not sure how much charge it would hold, but i suppose it's only supposed to be a little boost, so it does what you'd expect..

this battery pack is available from most retailers at a cost of approx. £20 as far as i can see.. i was sent this item in order to review it, and all my words and opinions are honest and my own..


  1. i've got something similar to this for my phone and only ever use it for festivals! i usually just take a usb cable around with me as there's always some sort of laptop/computer/car charger to plug it into!

  2. Sounds like a really interesting product!

  3. It'd be great it it boosted the battery back to full! This would be perfect for some of my friends who are never off there iPhones and therefore always complaining of low battery! x

  4. Oh that sounds useful! It's Twitter that kills my battery. If I don't use that then it's ok.