Wednesday, 16 November 2011

if we can make the plans can we just not find the time?

DSC06988 DSC06987 DSC06986 DSC06985

as i was making my way down the stairs carrying the following this morning :
  • 1 overnight containing a change of clothes and pjs (as i am house-sitting this evening)
  • 1 box of 30 tree cuttings, sent to me for some reason by the woodland trust last week (even though i have nowhere to plant them)
  • a bag of rubbish from my kitchen bin
  • a box of mr men tissues for my desk
  • a bunch of bananas (a bit over-ripe, to be turned into banana loaf this evening)
  • my usual handbag
  • my swimming bag, containing costume, towel, gym card etc
i saw one the ladies from another flat in my building, who very kindly held the doors for me and asked if i teach, and then commented that i always seem so busy, and whenever she sees me i'm in a rush with armfuls of stuff! 

i do feel a bit as though i haven't stopped this week, although i suppose it's a good thing as it's all part of the 'post-breakup-busyness-plan'..there's a big part of me that thinks it would be nice to have an actual day off, though, just to loaf around and do nothing..although whenever i try to do that i get annoyed at myself for time-wasting..i have so many craft and sewing project ideas hwich i would like to make the time to do, and i have to make some christmas cards pretty soon, and sort out buying and wrapping all of the things i'll need to get in the post before the dreaded day!

anyway, despite the sniffly nose and regular sneezing, i'm rather pleased today - this dress was one i found in a vintage shop in london almost three yrs ago, on my last visit there..i was so excited to have foudn something that (just about, with some breathe-in-and-squeez-in action) fitted my not-very-vintage frame, that i snapped it up and took it home with a smug look in the direction of the man in the shop who had advised me kindly to be aware that all of the garments were rather smaller sizes than modern ones..! (i always feel like a whale when vintage shopping!)

however, i dug it out of the wardrobe this morning determined to give it a try, as i know that i have lost 4inches from my waist in the past few months..and i have to say it fits the best i've ever known it, so that put a smile on my face, despite the rudolph-esque nose!

i've added to it a pair of past-it grey tights (they have had an awful hole / ladder in the back for almost a year, but i can't find any others in the shops which are the right shade to replace them, and they wash fine so they stay, and new look cardi and shoes..

my day will be spent (other than work), picking up little sis, going swimming, going home for tea, at my rangers meeting, then back home to bake banana loaf, and various other things so that she can take them into school for their children in need bake sale tomorrow..


  1. That dress is really pretty - love all the colours in it. Its always my luck that there is never anyone coming in the opposite direction when i'm carrying a handful and i always drop stuff lol. Just my luck .. or lack of.

  2. Ha I'm always doing that too, my new neighbour has taken to actually bringing my DVD rentals upstairs for me (postie dumps everything in porch) cause everytime I see him I'm hauling bags or my bike somewhere! Loving your pretty dress, my body isn't very vintage either so its great to find a dress that fits boobs, waist AND hips! :)

  3. Lovely dress. I found it really hard to find grey tights last week and only found some in New Look, but they were darker than those

  4. I lover wearing grey with gorgeous pieces like this dress, it always looks so pretty! I love your hair in this too, very jealous of your long flowing locks!

    Maria xxx

  5. I really need some new tights too, mine sound like yours, full of holes! The dress looks lovely on you :)

  6. i think that dress it's so cute! and i like your hair so much! kisses from spain

  7. I love this outfit Char, you look gorgeous. I hope you're feeling a bit better soon xx

  8. love this dress, good for you for smugly wearing it! I don't know how you manage to keep up with all your plans, you're always so busy!

  9. Lovely outfit! :) The color of the dress looks great with your cardi! And I so agree with you, I always want for days when I do nothing and just be lazy... but then when the next day rolls over, I think about all the things I could have done... =P You have a lovely blog!


  10. Gorgeous dress. I'm the same with vintage shopping, it's like: too small, too small, too small, my size! Oh wait it's vintage - too small.

    That's why I love ebay for variety vintage!


  11. Oh my, so lovely! Yet another one who finds vintage shopping tough going... they really were smaller in those days, or someone somewhere has the biggest warehouse of size 12/14 50s dresses hoarded away known to man... x