Saturday, 5 November 2011

it's you, it's you, it's all for you..

polo shirt : girlguiding uniform (:-/) // cardigan : primark

floral shorts: laura ashley (sale)

wellies : miss seflridge (sale)  // tights : peacocks

another pair of shorts following yesterday's declaration of my new love for them.. i bought these from the laura ashley sale in stratford-upon-avon earlier in the year (in july, in fact!) and i can't believe i hadn't worn them until now..i actually thought i had imagined them for a little while..i saw them once in one of the stores i frequently pop into, and then after that i couldn't find them anywhere- on the website (which i don't think has everything in the bigger stores on it), nor in any of the other stores i went into, so i was more than a little excited when i saw these in the sale section of the little stratford store, in my size, and with more than 50% off their original price tag..i snapped them up!

this outfit is from last weekend, as i was off to a guides sleepover (hence the uniform top)..we stayed in an old school building, which is now owned by the county and available for hire by all girlguiding units.. the girls all had a fab weekend, and it was a good opportunity to take my mind off being upset about the things i had been earlier in the week.. i added purple thick tights as i knew it can be chilly there, and i figured they would go with the pattern on the shorts, and a silver cardi which i seem to believe goes with everything regardless.. oh and wellies, for the night-time walk around the canal and mere..stylish, i know (not)..


  1. Love the wellies!

  2. I love this look!! I'm not a big fan of shorts, don't think they look right on me, but I do really like these ones

  3. How could you forget such gorgeous shorts? They look wins with the coloured tights.