Tuesday, 29 November 2011

joy to the world..


i'd like to point out to begin with that this is in no way a sponsored post, but in the same way as i would no doubt be regaling you with the bad service from a company should i have received it, i felt it only fair to share with you a story of the opposite kind..

a while back, i was reading a blog post (i've tried to find it but i can't remember whose it was, so if you see this and think it was you, please let me know and i'll add a link to it here..) featuring various quirky winter knitwear pieces; a modern take on the infamous 'christmas jumper' you dread each year from Great Aunt Joan..and i saw something amazing, which i knew my little sister would love - a jumper with a garden gnome on it..i popped it in my favourites as it was a week or so until payday, and then when i clicked on to the JoY website to buy it it was no longer in stock..

had this been last xmas, i probably would have been a little disappointed, and then tried to find her something else, after some sulking..but now that i am on twitter, i figured i would ask joy if they would get any more of the jumpers in stock..i almost immediately was contacted by them to tell me which stores had the item i wanted, and that one of the size i required had been put aside to be sent to the website department, in order that i could order it when it got there..i was told to expect a call when it was ready to go back online, so that i wouldn't miss it, and, do you know what, that's exactly what happened..i had a call last week from the lady in charge of the website, asking me when she should put it back online to make sure i didn't miss it..i ordered it there and then, and it was with me by monday - i can't find fault with their customer service or their delivery, or anything within the whole process..

i also really love some of the things on the website at the moment, and codulnt' resist adding this hat print shirt to my order, depsite the fact i may have similar shirts of similar colours already..i love it!

shirt: JoY // cardigan and necklace: river island // shorts: clothing at tesco // shoes: irregular choice


  1. That's fantastic! it's not often you hear of a compnay going to that much effort to help as customer. I've only vaguely heard of the brand before beut after hearing that story and seeing that AMAZING hat print shirt, I'll definitely be taking a look at the site!

    xxx Maddie

  2. That really is great customer service :) I must start looking at all the lovely clothes more when I'm next passing a Joy store! x

  3. that is amazing service!

    I really like Joy, they have a shop in Bristol that is SO should come visit :) xo

  4. wow! that is amazing service! well done joy! :) your blouse it lovely too - i love it paired with the colour of those shorts xx

  5. Love seeing stories of good customer service, it reminds me that not all retailers are hopeless.

    LOVE the shirt. HATS. This is the closet I'll ever get to wearing a hat, as my head is so tiny, it seems like an epic substitute to me.

  6. That's such good customer service; much better than some of the stories you here these days! You look fab :) xxx

  7. impressive service!
    I adore this look, tights and shorts are great this time of year and that shirt is fab x

  8. That's bloody amazing! I like Joy, used to go in the one by Clapham Junction all the time.

  9. That is such fantastic customer service and I LOVE this outfit, my favourite one of yours I think!

    Maria xxx

  10. Love the pile of pretty shoes! :P