Saturday, 19 November 2011

let it shine..


skirt: matalan // cardigan: new look // squirrel tshirt: tesco clothing // shoes: gift
 i felt like a bit of a frump in this outfit in practice, although it had worked in my head when i'd thought of it..does anyone else ever feel like an outfit is going to work, and then when they actually put it together, find out it's a fail? i love all of the pieces individually, just not entirely convinced they work when mashed together in this way..


  1. They are one hell of a pair of gorgeous shoes!

  2. Oh God, Char, I have that experience A LOT! Anyway, I actually like this ensemble. I like it that you would never expect to see those shoes (which are amazing btw) together with the outfit. Am I making sense here? xx

  3. Yes, I definitely have times where I think pieces are going to work together, but they totally don't. More often, though, I'll buy an accessory I like such as a belt or earrings, but when I get home I can't find anything that'll go with!

    I think your shoes and skirt go really well together. The cardigan might be a bit too casual for the glam shoes, but you could probably pull it off.

  4. Loving your shoes! Alhto I know the feeling of having an image in your head of an outfit then the execution is so not what you thought! Maybe if you tucked the tshirt in you'd feel better? I always feel more smart with tops tucked in, but I kinda like the way you're working it! :)

  5. Amazing shoes! And I love the skirt too. Maybe just ditch the cardigan, although I can see where you were going with it.

  6. i get this all the time. It feels like none of my clothes want to work together. it's a conspiracy!
    love that cosy jumper x

  7. I do this all the time, things work in my head, but not in real life.
    I like the outfit, those shoes are amazing!!

  8. Ooh I have that squirrel top! I love it :) I also do the same thing where outfits look great in my head and not so good in real life xx

  9. Where are the shoes actually from??

    I do that all the time with outfits, I hate seeing myself in a mirroor though and thinking, oh great, this didn't actually work! xx