Monday, 28 November 2011

mistletoe and wine..

on saturday i went to birmingham, hoping to track down some of the elusive things on the christmas present list, and also for the bloggers' meet up, arranged by the lovely emma from oh really..

i did a little shopping when i got to the bullring, and then met up with hayley and eloise..we all went to primark before heading to the starbucks where we were due to meet up with the rest of the girls..
after coffees and a bit of a chat for a while, we headed on out to the German Xmas Market, which was full of lovely lights and pretty things to look at, but oh so busy..

at sian's request, we stopped for sausages (well, rebecca had german wine), and then tried to find ourselves some more space to eat them, and ended up under the watchful eye of this creepy santa! annabel doesn't look too impressed with hers in the above photo..

#brumbloggermeet German Christmas Market Funtimes! (26.11.11)

then we headed to the mailbox to have tea at bar eat bar, where gem joined us, and michelle took lots of pictures (i've borrowed the above one from her!)
all in all a lovely day :)


  1. These blogger meetups sound great fun!

  2. Awwww looks like a lovely day! I need to get my bum along to a meet up!

  3. I loved the sausage ;) the crowds are something else though!! We should so do this again, maybe in the new year so we can spend our Christmas money together :D x x

  4. I love blogger meets :)

    Looks like a good day was had by all xx

  5. sounds like you had a lovely time. The market looks amazing!

  6. It sounds like a really fun day :) The Christmas market looks great! x

  7. I was there on Saturday too :) and I went to the Christmas market and Pop Up Bazaar. How busy was Birmingham?! The gluwhein and pretzels were the only things to ease my annoyance at being rammed into by pushchairs.

    What did you think of Pop Up Bazaar? I thought it was going to be full of independent designers, didn't realise it would be mostly vintage!

    Laura x

  8. aha, I would have to be the alcoholic and be the only one to get wine! It was so nice to meet you again, but properly this time (: xxx ps, that photo of Sian with the sausage is the best!