Friday, 25 November 2011

one day we'll run a house made of straw and clay...


i was recently contacted by Merry, who blogs here, at Patch of Puddles and also runs one of several of her websites, Craft Merrily, which stocks a huge range of craft supplies, hama beads and fimo..

i'm a great fan of fimo, and remember spending time making all kinds of creations with my sisters when we were younger..i use it to make badges for the guides when we go on pack holidays or camps and need patrol badges, and have recently had great success making sets of fimo cutlery with them..

on a more personal level, i also find it great to make charms and things to turn into jewellery, so when i was asked if i would like to pick something to review, i chose this bead roller and a refill kit of 10 coloured blocks of fimo to have a play was very easy to use, you just take small chunks of warmed clay and roll the top piece back and forth over the bottom piece of the mould..i think i was expecting the moulds to be attached, as i found it took a bit of getting used to before i was sure i was keeping them level..but the result, as you can see, was a set of beads, of the same size and shape, which you can then use one of the pins to create a hole for threading them, once cooked..

the bead roller will create three different shapes of bead, and i can see it being a really useful tool in the future, so i'm very pleased to have been offered the opportunity to review it! if you would like any fimo inspiration, Merry has a lovely page of models and ideas here and if you're a fellow fimo-lover, don't forget to link me to what you have made! :)


  1. What a fab idea! I love fimo too.

  2. Oh, I used to love making stuff with Fimo - keyring fobs, brooches etc. Nothing as good as your great cutlery. That was an inspired idea!
    Z xx

  3. Oh that's a good idea! I adored fimo when I was younger and it was the prized possession of my craft box, aged 8! I've got some now which I've been meaning to use for ages but haven't got around to! You've inspired me!