Thursday, 24 November 2011

put some new shoes on and suddenly everything's right..

boots: irregular choice // dress, tights, beret : primark // cardi: h+m


the newest addition to the shoe-box palace..i could probably make a palace from all my shoeboxes..or a fort..hmmm..

anyway..these are AnnaBell's Trolley, from irregular choice, who were rather helpful and managed to track me down and transfer me a pair from one of their stores as the website had sold out of my size..they're a funny shape (part of what i like about them; the shape of the heel is so unusual)..

truth be told they are quite big around the top, i think the style makes them quite a wide opening, and there is a band of elastic inside them to hold your feet in place because of the wide-foot..i've found they took a little getting used to as the sides are quite solid, so a bit of an odd sensation having something against my ankles when i move my feet (i may be a bit weird, i have difficulty keeping my feet still, ie if i'm waiting in a queue for something or whatever, so probably most people wouldn't have this odd sensation..)

most of all i love the dollar print on them..i tried them on with various tights when they arrived the other day, and decided black was probably best to begin with, and then remembered this dress, which i figured would pick out the other colours..i've already had a lot of comments on them..what do you think - too mad?


  1. They're so unusual and weird.. in a good way! I love the shape of them :) x

  2. They are very fun, I find with my boots that are very 'open' at the top I get lots of rocks in :/
    I am odd

  3. Oh my word, they're INCREDIBLE! I've never bought any IC shoes, but I must admit I am tempted by the cat boots (I'm afraid I'm crap and don't know their proper name). I'm so boring with my footwear! I must get some more interesting shoes!


  4. Dress and boots don't fit together

  5. WOW. Just... wow! So unusual, I love the print and the angular heel!

  6. Pfft to the anonybunny. I love the dress, I love the boots and I love them both together. Matchy matchy is dull.

  7. I love them! I couldn't pull them off but you totally rock them!

    Maria xxx

  8. I have these boots - LOVE them - waited months for them to come back in stock. And I think you look fabulous!!

  9. I love them on you but I could not deal with walking in that shape boot! I like me feet sealed in and secure..

  10. They are amazing and totally a Char boot!

  11. They're great! You have the best shoes x