Thursday, 10 November 2011

review : sainsbury's cuppa cake

Sainsbury's Cuppa Cake packet mix

all the required equipment

egg whisked in mug, packet opened

add 1tbsp water to the mix

mix water in

all mixed together, microwave for 1min30

the end result
 recently those lovely folks at sainsburys sent me a parcel containing this - a brand new product - the 'Cuppa Cake'..basically a packet mix to make a cake-in-a-mug, by combining one sachet, an egg and a tbsp of water..simple!

the whole concept of making a mug of cake had, i have to admit, passed me by until very recently, when some bloggers i read mentioned them (see Lucy's attempt here!)

so i decided to give it a go yesterday evening, and got out everything i needed - there are some very easy-to-follow instructions on the back of the pretty, starry box..i even checked the capacity of the mug i was using to make sure it was big enough for the cake to cook in properly (the box says approx. 300ml and i didn't want any over-spill!)

i whisked up my egg in the mug with the fork, and opened one of the sachets (there are two in a box) this point i was a little worried that the whole sachet wouldn't fit in, but it was fine, there just looked to be a LOT of powder for the amount of egg, and i added a tablespoon of water..

it mixed in nicely to a liquidy consistency, and when i was sure there was no more powdery bits, i put it into the microwave and cooked it for the time on the box..

when i got it out, i was a little alarmed to see how much the cake had risen, although the consistency looked about right..once i let it stand for a little while, it wasn't quite so high ouver the top of the cup, and i set about prodding it with my fork a little, to make sure it seemed cooked all the way through and to the bottom, which it did..

so all that was left to do was the taste test..i can't say it was the best cake i've ever tasted, and i can see why it says that it's best to eat it whilst hot, as i can imagine the somewhat rubbery texture will not improve with nice thing to note was that the chunks of chocolate in the mixture do stay nice and gooey as a hidden suprise..

overall, not the most light and fluffy sponge, but for a quick (3mins total!) pudding, it'll easily serve two people like the box recommends..i think that if you put a spoonful of ice-cream with it it'd make a nice easy end to a 99p for a box (which contains 2 sachets which serve 2 each) i think it's one for the shopping list, even if just to keep in the store cupboard for the next time you need a quick and easy chocolate / cake fix! Item code: 7497194

*i was sent this packet for free to review, and all views are (as always) honest and accurate, and my own*


  1. That look's really fun. I've seen people make the cakes in mugs before but never from out of a packet. I could see it being a good thing to have a go with!

  2. fantastic idea :)

    when I'm eating again it's on my list!!!!

  3. I need to keep a stock of these at work for cake emergencies!

  4. I made a microwave cake in a mug before and it really wasn't bad for a quick fix!
    Its a good idea selling the mixtures ready x

  5. What I wouldn't have given for that when I got in this evening. I want Mug Cake. How I wish there was a Sainsbury's nearby!

  6. oh wow i want one now! what a great idea xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  7. What a nifty idea!
    I think a pack may be winging its' way to my pantry!
    Z xx

  8. Yes I was taken by surprise at how much it rose too, what a mess! I agree they're not the tastiest of cakes, but like Laura says, good for Cake Emergencies! xx