Wednesday, 23 November 2011

ten million fireflies..

pesky Owl-face^^

sheer mushroom blouse: primark

skirt: primark

heels: irregular choice

although i rather like all of the components of today's outfit, both together and separately, i still can't quite feel comfortable in it, as everything seems too big..

the skirt has a rather odd waistband, which i am not convinced is entirely flattering; it has a ruffled paperbag finish, which just seems to jut out at an odd angle, making me often want to fold it inside the top of the waist, which in turn makes my waist area look more bulky than usual..

the blouse is perhaps an oversized cut, but i think i would like it to be a bit more fitted on the shoulders..also it's quite long so i have had to tuck it in to this skirt..

the ring is named Owl-façé, and came from primark but is too big for even my index finger, so will have to have some tape around him to make him fit properly - he's already made one attempt at a suicidal bin-leap when i threw something away this morning..

and these of my favourite ever pairs of my irregular choice collection..these have had so much wear over the several years i have owned them, i'm not sure how shoes get to be too big though?! i think they have just stretched with over-use..i just have to be careful walking in them..

i'm not sure whether to class this as an outfit fail or a success...?


  1. Once again I am lusting over your shoe collection Char! Sorry for such a delay in posting a letter, I have zero funds :( Canr even afford to buy some writing paper, tragic!

  2. You really do have the most amazing shoes! Love that owl ring too! Xoxo

  3. The print on that skirt is so pretty. I have a thing about owls, i have loads of owl jewellery but not wearing it much at the min as Seb just grabs at everything and i don't want things ruined. xx

  4. gorgeous outfit! :)


  5. Such a gorgeous blouse!! Your shoes are lovely too, so girly and sweet :D

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  6. I love that blouse, it's such a lovely colour xx
    Love Amie

  7. Locing all of this. I hate that feeling though, when something's not quite right with an outfit, no matter how much you like it. I have a couple of dresses that always feel just a bit too short, despite reassurances that they're not.

    Love the owl and the blouse is a beautiful colour.

  8. What a pretty outfit. I'd say it was a resounding success!
    Each item holds its' own but they look great all together.
    Love the 'wol'. My cowboy hat ring from Topman needs taping's just sitting on my nightstand, looking dejected at the moment!
    Z xx