Tuesday, 8 November 2011

you'll be trying to hitch a ride with me, when it finally hits you..

silky scarlet seamer stockings :

cardigan : peacocks
shoes : irregular choice
dress : new look (sale)

a few weeks ago, i followed a tweeted link to this article on the daily mail website, and was intrigued byt he views of the guy wiriting it..i'd like to know your thoughts on the age-old debate..forget the chicken or the egg, i'd rather know this..tights or stockings? which do you prefer? do you think stockings say sophistication? or that they are tacky in comparison to tights?

i have to admit, i probably wear tights more often than stockings, but i would definitely say i prefer stockings to tights..whilst i tend to go for tights as my everyday, matches everything choice, this tends to be because on the whole, they are a lot cheaper (i have a tendency to ladder them with no difficulty at all, and therefore try to stock up on primark multipacks whenever i get the chance, which are my everyday wears, and i don't feel too awful about throwing out after a wear or two if they work out at less than 50p per pair)..i do find that if i want to dress up to a special occasion, or feel a bit more confident, i'd go for stockings..i don't find them uncomfortable at all; i think the key to that is to make sure you have a suspender belt in the correct size, and wear it comfortably on your waist rather than further down on the hips and risk that unattractive cheese-wire effect..i personally don't agree with the writer of the Mail's article that stockings are absurd or that men find them out of date !

i decided last week to use some of the money i've been saving up in my paypal account to add to my hosiery collection, and popped along to to find something new and exciting..i bought these Silky Scarlet Seamer stockings, which i have to say i am very impressed with..i have been searching for some seamed stockings for a long while, and having looked in all of the high-street and usual places i could think of, i didn't think i would be able to find what i had in mind - i could find plenty of 'barely black with a black seam' but i wanted nude with black seams..these are perfect, and seem to be a fabulous quality for the very reasonable price i paid..they are a nice 15d, thick enough to make a difference and to be tough enough to cope with everyday wear (i've found that anything thinner is at risk of tearing when putting them on, although perhaps i ought to be less ham-fisted!) and yet still have a gentle, silky feel to them, without being of that dreadful shiny finish which i try to £3.95, these are a new favourite for me, and i would definitely recommend them..

i also bought a pair of these, which i can't wait to wear..overall i have to say i was very impressed with the service received from tightsfashion, i placed my order last week, late one afternoon, and before i left the office i had received a dispatch notification, which i had not been expecting until at least the next day ! i was pleased to find that they turned up the next day, and that they kept me informed on the progress of my order at every possible step, which i consider great practice from a business..i have also found that tightsfashion are really helpful, and respond promptly and helpfully to queries through twitter (you can follow them here) - whilst the site is not particularly tricky to navigate, i had a couple of queries on what size i would need in particular items, which they were able to help me with almost immediately over twitter..i really think a lot of businesses ought to pay more attention to their potential customers on twitter - i struggle to understand why some brands even have it when they do not respond, but i had no such problems here!

i must point out that this review was entirely my decision; i was not asked to review the stockings for anyone and i paid for them with my own money; i just like to pass on a good shopping experience where i can..

what are your thoughts on 'the great debate' - stockings or tights??? 


  1. I always wear tights, but would like to wear stockings more, I think they're more ladylike and a bit special.
    Tights are easier, warmer and more widely available. I was after those nude seamed stockings a while back and had to find them online, no shops had anything.
    I've saved the site, how amazing are the blue seamed ones :)

  2. I've never really worn stockings, though tights do seem the warmer and more practical option! Not sure what that guy was on about on the article though with stockings being archaic and rubbish. Hmmm...will have to ask the other half when he gets in! Jen x

  3. I have never worn stockings, only tights. I think of stockings as 'sexy' which is completely not me and doubt I'd ever wear them.
    I adore your seamed pair, they are gorgeous, stupid they cannot be found on the high street

  4. I used to wear stockings quite a lot until I lost my suspender belt! I now only wear tights but would happily wear stockings again if I ever find my belt. xx

  5. I guess I'm like you and I like both for different occasions. Hold ups are great too

  6. I LOVE stockings (& so does Mr), my problem is they tend to be more expensive, and I have an issue with suspender belts... Anyone recommend one? Suitable for a curvy girl..
    I don't like hold ups, I find they roll down.
    I wear tights but find them a bit icky.