Friday, 30 December 2011

last christmas i wrapped it up and sent it..

DSC07174i have to admit that in the run -up to christmas i have been quite busy - especially in the last week what with pantomimes, carol services and shows to arrange trips to, as well as my more regular things like sewing lessons..

and yet the one thing which i never seemed to be able to tackle from the long list of 'to do' was actually getting around to the wrapping of the last of my presents..i had sent a lot of them, so all of those were wrapped a while ago, but the ones i would be taking with me on cmas eve just seemed to sit around in a pile, waiting to be wrapped..does anyone else find that they seem to put certain things off, or just not get round to something as they are filling their time with soemthing else? i just felt like i wasn't getting anything done on cmas eve, although i was expected at the parents' house so knew i would eventually have to do it..

i'm thinking that i need  a 'be more organised' type of new year resolution though, or at least a way to avoid leaving things to the last minute, whcih i seem to do all too frequently..any suggestions?


  1. I love wrapping so put other things to one side to indulge...but this year was an edible homemade hampers Christmas so I was running around like a mad woman on Christmas eve baking cakes, name it!

    New years resolution - be more organised next Christmas. :)

  2. I loathe wrapping presents and get my Mum to do it for me :) thank you for the sweet little card x