Saturday, 17 December 2011

you're a throwback to forever..

DSC07108DSC07107 and the shorts obsession not only continues, but combines itself with something else i did not ever think i would fall victim to in the world of trends..leather..when leather shorts first hit the shopes i thought i could safely predict that i would be steering well clear - how wrong i primark a couple of weeks back i was kind of drawn to the sale rail..bottle green, leather..hmmm..i got my mother's approval and everything..and after wearing them a couple of times, i think i'm sold.. does that ever happen to anyone else - step out of your comfort zone and into something you actually like!?


  1. Oh, you already have a dino tee! So cute, I'm seriously tempted by the topshop one. The leather shorts look lovely- Funnily enough I find myself wearing shorts more in winter than summer, as you can get away with wearing tights underneath! In terms of trends I didnt think would suit me- skinny jeans! Being not in the slightest skinny, I though they would make me look huge but I find them the most flattering!


  2. Loving the shorts, you look fab.

    X x

  3. This is exactly how it happened with the leather trousers, except I had you and Alex basically making me buy them too! But I never thought I'd go for leather, now I'm a bit in love with those trousers.

    Loving the green leather madam, very nice.