Monday, 30 January 2012

and it was all yellow..

dress + tights: primark
cardi + blouse: h&m
belt: clothing at tesco
i have a night walk planned this evening with my guides, so took that into consideration as i was getting ready this morning; i piled on some layers, and have taken some more with me to add this evening..

i decided to start with the thermal tights - if you haven't yet invested in a pair of these from primark, i would totally recommend them; i've never known any other tights to be so warm! everything else was added to kind of go together..i even have my favourite pair of shorts on under the dress, for extra warmth..

not much other news really, still feeling ill with my cold and have had a fairly uneventful, but productive weekend in terms of spring cleaning and having a sort-out..


  1. Those tights are EPIC! I love the mustard!
    Well done on the cleaning and productive weekend. Mine has been much the same and it does feel a bit better. Get well soon, lots of zinc and vitamin c should help. Stay warm with the guides!


  2. Those tights sound toasty warm.

    Hope you feel better soon hun.

    X x

  3. Hope you feel better soon! You look cheerful in all the yellow! Looks great! I love the cosy tights! I bought some black ones when I got the mustard ones for Sophie (yellow is not my colour!) and they are invaluable if you want to look dressed up but not cold!

  4. Ooh thermal tights, I so need those. I have some 120 denier but they've not quite cut it recently! I bow down to your fashion first outlook, I'd not be going anywhere this evening in a dress, thermal tights and shorts or not!

  5. Love the blouse layered under the dress, I thought it was all one dress at first!

  6. I need a trip to primark, stat!

  7. Colds are horrible things! Hope you feel better soon Char :)
    Love Primark cosy tights, perfect for the winter! Always stock up!

  8. I've been living in my primark thermal tights, they're amazing! Love your yellow look. The dress is fab x

  9. I love yellow tights they are fab!

  10. I can never face Primark anymore but I think I need some thermal tights! Especially lovely brightly coloured ones.