Saturday, 7 January 2012

but that's just me, before we met..


cosy knitted layers - what more does a relaxed weekend need in weather like we've been getting recently ? i wore this outfit last weekend to meet up with my favourite girls for lunch, and a late exchange of xmas presents on new year's eve..

this dress is an old favourite, and has had a lot of wear recently, and i figured it would go with the wooly h&m leggings i got for christmas from my mum., along with this pink cardigan (also h&m) which is so lovely and thick with a bit of a mohair-y feel to it..
i picked this pair of topshop socks (i think they're meant to be slipper-socks as they have the rubber dots underneath) up in the sale about a year ago, and they went nicely into my boots and kept me toasty-warm all day..i love layers!

p.s - one of my resolutions this year is to download more music - it's been embarrassingly long since i last updated my ipod with anything new, so i'm always looking for suggestions if you have any..


  1. I absolutely love this outfit, looks so cosy

  2. Aah loving the ballerina style! Oh I got your letter, shall buy stamps and post a reply on Monday! Music wise I love all the depressing/soppy stuff - just discovered Katharine McPhee, and Taylor Swift is my ultimate icon! Hanson are my all time faves tho, their Underneath album is my personal fave, but more recently I'm kinda liking Bruno Mars too weirdly :)

  3. I love those leggings, they look so cosy! x

  4. Ooooh I love all the pastel colours Char!

  5. I love that dress, it looks so dreamy x

  6. can't beat a toasty cosy outfit and you make this one look very elegant too x

  7. Would def recommend The Noisettes, if you don't already have their stuff. Her voice is incredible. xx

  8. AAAAAAAAH love those leggings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!