Sunday, 22 January 2012

don't tell me you love me, and act like you don't..

DSC07296 DSC07295 DSC07294

casual days seem to be happening more and more frequently as a result of the recent weather - when i get up and it's a horrible cold morning; one of those where you know you are going to have to scrape the ice from the windscreen before you can see anything, i seem to feel more inclined to layer up some thick tights and a jumper, and (crazily enough) some shorts..i definitely find that i have worn more shorts over the autumn / winter than i would do in the summer, but i wonder if that'll change this summer, now that my love for them seems to have grown..

this poodle jumper was something i picked up in a vintage shop in london, but was always a little bit snug; probably not the most wise purchase at the time, but i felt a lot more comfortable in it when i wore it here..

jumper: vintage shop in seven dials // shorts: clothing at tesco // tights: new look


  1. love the poodle jumper. Shorts and tights are an excellent winter staple x

  2. that is such a lovely jumper Char x

  3. Lovely outfit, especially the jumper!

  4. Love that jumper, it looks great on you.


  5. That's a really cute jumper Char and there's nothing wrong with having several casual days :) xxx

  6. I love the poodle print quite so xxx

  7. The big pile of shoes in your posts always make me so jealous haha!
    Love the quirky poodle jumper!