Friday, 27 January 2012

friday favourites 009..

teacup bracelet, £40
floral key necklace, £29
today's friday favourites post is a little different, inspired by the beautiful lookbook which landed on my doormat earlier in the week from hannah zakari, a website where you can find all kind of cute pieces at a price to suit your budget..

it was full of pretty pictures and some of the gorgeous pieces which are available on the site at the moment and i've picked out a few of my favourites here, but it was tough to choose these out of so many lovely and varied items..the lego necklaces excited me, and i would happily find a home for every single item in the 'french fancies' range (including the macaron ring below), and i think my ears are just crying out for a pair of the tiny tart earrings..cute, or what?!  

as for the ones i have pictured, i would love to wear an actual section of a vintage teacup on my wrist - recycling at it's best if you ask me..i figure one of these will probably be winging it's way to me shortly after payday...

what is your favourite piece on the site?

macaron ring, £18


  1. I love browsing Hannah Zakari!

  2. That bracelet is amazing! I'll have to check out the site later on.

    Laura x

  3. Love that bracelet, Initially I thought it was a gorgeous dog bowl and thought omg I must get that for Molly but it's a bracelet so I'll get it for me, YAY!


  4. Ooh they've got some lovely stuff on their site! The puffed heart necklace is my favourite :) x

  5. Char this totally my kind of jewellery! I already have some lego earrings which I love! I'd love some macaroon earrings! I also like the Amsterdam earrings, the rosie daisy necklace, the lobster and the rocket necklace!