Wednesday, 4 January 2012

have yourself a merry little christmas..

vintage cups and saucers, paperchase diary, cath kidston pjs, robot shower gel
river island squirrel suitcase, robot matryoshka dolls, colour in dinosaur, dino stationery set, dustpan and brush, h&m leggings
lots of pretty jewellery and chocolate coins - made me think of pirate treasure!
kurt geiger 'kiki' heels, topshop 'luxury' velvet sandals, JPG classique parfum, accessorize clutch bag, roboto notebook and hook, cake fridge magnets, mirror with my name on
paperchase letter set, notebook, honey (!), owl purse, new coffee mug, vintage bowls, nail polish, pin cushion and pretty charm and panda necklace

i know it's probably too far in the past now to have a festive title to my post, but hey ho..

according to some of the posts i've read over the past week or so, readers seem to be divided on whether to love or hate these types of posts, but i for one love to be nosey at everyone else's christmas presents, so here are some of the lovely things i was lucky enough to open on the day!



  1. Wow, you had some lovely presents. Those Topshop sandals are gorgeous! That notebook is so you as well :P xx

  2. I love reading these types of posts.. I'm nosey too! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :) Those velvet sandals are beautiful! x

  3. What gorgeous gifts - love the tea cups!

  4. I love this post. I think it's really rather nice to see other peoples' pressies, especially when they're such a feast for the eyes, like these!
    Wishing you all the best for 2012, Char!
    Z xx

  5. I personally love these kinds of posts. How awesome are your dinosaur pjs and stationary?! For christmas my best friend gave me a "build your own dinosaur lamp" which I absolutely love.

    Love the Kurt Geiger shoes too. Looking forward to seeing how you style them.

  6. Great haul how amazing! Loving those Geiger kiki's!


  7. I love nosies at presents!!!!! I've tried to start taking photos of mine but seems like an arduous task trying to find where I've squirreled them away!!!

    I must say I would have loved to receive each and every one of your presents!! They are soooo pretty!!! I love those KG shoes if only they weren't skyscrapers, I'd be on the hunt for a pair!

  8. Aah I love everything! Especially the pjs, dont think I would ever take them off... :)

  9. wow such wonderful presents, these are so thoughtful.

  10. Oh my gosh I want that suitcase so bad! ;-; You have some amazing presents :D :D

    And I love reading these posts, I'm nosey too :)

  11. Ah you got some lovely things; I adore the brush and pan set and the heels! I love these posts too, love being nosey hehe xxx

  12. Wow such lovely presents! They all seem to suit you down to the ground!

  13. Oh gosh that suitcase is so cute! xxx

  14. I love all your gifts. (I laughed when I saw my notebook)
    I'm such a nosey person I loved to look through your presents :)

  15. Are they ... dinosaur PJs?! Love em! Also love those KG heels! :) x