Sunday, 8 January 2012

i'll take these storms away, start a brand new story..

penguin necklace: dorothy perkins (ended up with two of these at xmas!)
cardigan: tu // rabbit print peter pan top: h&m
tights, socks, pumps: primark // shorts: clothing at tesco

although i haven't done one myself (due to lack of organisation - note one of my resolutions this year will be to be more organised in my day-to-day life), i have been reading a lot of 'year in style' or 'outfit roundup' posts, which got me thinking about how my style choices have changed over the past year..

i think the main change is that i seem to have completely embraced shorts - i now have quite a collection, and they used to be a garment which i never would have considered! i can't recall what brought on the change to be honest, but this is one of my favourite pairs, and the cost:wear ratio must be close to zero on them now..this was my 'casual yet practical back to work outfit' as i knew i would be crawling around on the floor untangling fairy lights, putting down the xmas decorations and having a general spring clean..

not quite managed to get a picture of the socks in full view, but another thing i seem to have embraced more recently is socks..this time last year i had one pair of long socks, and three pairs of regular ones which served as gym attire..recently i must have a least doubled that, if not tripled the size of my collection, and i have been liking them over socks, with a pair of flat boots or shoes..i've not quite braved socks with heels yet as i get all self-conscious about my calves when i try it, but maybe someday...

don't get me wrong, i'm still a dresses and high heels girl at heart, and that will never fully change, but it's been nice to have a bit of a has your style changed over the past year?


  1. Ahhhh I love that top! (if you notice my blog name you'll understand why!) Is it recently purchased?

    And I'm not a fan of shorts, but you make them look so nice! xxx

  2. Nice necklace and top hun.


  3. I've got more into shorts too, in fact I like them far more in the Winter than the Summer - the tights swings it for me!

  4. I've taken yellow on board and become very fond of it this year.
    shorts and socks suit you x

  5. I really like shorts too! I bought another pair in the sale yesterday! I don't know if my style has changed- I've always had an eclectic style- as my headteacher put it a couple of months ago, "I love the fact that you where something completely different every day. Yesterday it was 1940's lady, today it's country casuals! I guess I've been doing more with accessories maybe?

  6. I've seen that top on two blogs now and I NEED it! How much was it hun? x

  7. The penguin necklace is so cute!

  8. I love this outfit. I'm still not adventourous to try shorts, don't think I have the legs for it unlike you

  9. Still the pile of shoes. I've missed blog reading! And I reckon you should tuck the top and show off that waist! xxx

  10. Oh your necklace is gorgeous!


  11. Oh I do love a pair of shorts! I am definitely not a trousers person, but shorts oh yes! They are a good half way house for us dress obsessives I think!