Saturday, 14 January 2012

saturday wait, and sunday always comes too late..

shorts: red herring at debenhams
top: zara
cardigan, tights : new look

gosh, doesn't the weekend roll around quickly..well this one seems to have to me, anyway..maybe because i've been looking forward to it after a few annoying days at work..
i'm looking forward to a weekend of swimming, fabric-shopping and seeing friends, and have little else planned - i'm trying hard to cut my work worries down to week-days only this year!

this was my outfit from last saturday, i bought the top from zara years ago (one of my very few purchases ever from zara, i tend to find it hard to spot anything i like!) but have hardly ever worn it as i wasn't really all that confident with sheer fabrics, but i'm getting a bit better now..

these cord shorts were one of the few 'sales' purchases i have made this year; from the red herring section in debenhams as i had a voucher which ran out before new year..i wasn't sure whether to go for a size up, but decided not to and i'm not sure if i feel a bit fat in them..

hope everyone has lovely weekend activities planned..


  1. You look lovely :) I really like you in shorts, and seeing your hair up is nice too xxx

  2. like the new blog header :)
    Those shorts are a great fit on you and bring a lovely warmth to your look.
    Have a great weekend x

  3. You have a real knack for choosing fab shorts and they look great on you. Love the red cord! Jen x

  4. The shorts are gorgeous Char :) You look really good in them :)
    Sorry I haven't sent you anything yet, I'll get round to it this week I promise xx

  5. Love the shorts, and you really don't look fat in them! Your hair looks nice too xx

  6. OMG Char i love your new layout and your header is fab!! I love it! x

  7. I love your new blog layout!!
    The whole outfits great, the shorts look like they fit perfectly xxx

  8. I love this outfit on you! The colour combination is perfect, as well as the mix of different fabrics.

  9. Love your new blog design! I was planning to mess about with mine a bit but can't seem to find the time at the mo... We seem to have the opposite problem in Zara btw, I always wanna buy everything! :)

  10. You look lovely. I LOVE the new layout & header! xx

  11. I adore this outfit, you look lovely! The new blog layout is gorgeous too :) xxx

  12. Lots of love today, love your top and love your hair and love your header! Result!
    Kandi x

  13. Nice look with the new layout!

  14. Love the new blog layout

    Also, this outfit is gorgeous. You should definitely wear it more

  15. I have similar findings in Zara- only one or two things that I love! Nice shorts!
    The T-rex in the tiara is lovely!