Thursday, 12 January 2012

there's a million other girls who do it just like you..

dress: oasis

cardigan: laura ashley

heels: primark
   i was told by my mum yesterday that this is a 'typical char' outfit..(i think she's been a bit concerned at the sheer quantity of shorts-outfits i've been coming out with recently, suprised she hasn't checked to see if i had a temperature!)..

i suppose she's right; floral dress, cardigan and some pretty shoes are the components of my fall-back outfit..i love all of these particular components and there's just something about an outfit you are happy with, which seems to make the day go a little better, or is that just me..?

also, you have until monday to enter my giveaway, if you haven't already..


  1. I freaking love your shoes. They are so cute. You look lovely. X

  2. Totally,
    a day gets off on the wrong foot if I'm not happy or comfortable in what I am wearing. It can make or break a day x

  3. You look absolutely stunning. Seriously.

  4. love the purple flowers with your green cardi, lovely :)

  5. I definitely agree, can't go wrong with a colourful cardi and a floral dress. It's a really lovely outfit on you. This was my fail safe style until the end of last year when I discovered skinny jeans actually suit me (yeah, only five years late jumping on that wagon!)

  6. Cute shoes & the outfit looks lovely on you - I couldn't indulge in it though as purple hates me :(


  7. I love the "typical Char" outfits, they brighten up my day with their perfection! I adore the cardigan with the dress and shoes, so very pretty. Green and purple are my favourite colours, and especially together! x

  8. Love the outfit! Those shoes are fierce! I have a floral dress that I love and whenever I wear it my day is better :) xx