Wednesday, 11 January 2012

well i'm just waiting for my chance to come..

i quite like hat - in fact, i have something of a collection of them..they are something i always seem to be drawn to when shopping and yet, i don't often wear them..i'm not sure what it is about a hat which makes me so self-conscious; yes, they are an immediately-noticeable addition to your outfit, but no more so than, say, a pair of irregular choice heels, which i'd wear without a second thought..

so when i was thinking of what to put with this cute little h&m dress, i remembered my trusty blue bowler (also h&m, a long while ago) and figured i would brave it, pick out the blue in some of the bird print..and i did wear it to work..i may have taken it off and put it on the hat-stand for the majority of the day, but too and from the office it was on my head..that counts, right? ok, i must try harder..


  1. I know what you mean, I think for some reason a hat just stands out more. I've got a few but very rarely wear them at home but if I visit the likes of London it doesn't bother me one bit!xxx

  2. Of course that counts as wearing your hat, same as a coat you take off when you are indoors, technically you have still worn it!

    I am smitten with the print on your dress. I have a bit of a bird love.

    Happy Hump Day x

  3. Ooooh love the dress, really lovely print, and an awesome shape.

    I don't do hats... My head is just too miniature for them so I look horrendous in them AND I can't get them in a sensibly fitting size either. Rather liking the colour of your bowler though.

  4. The hat and the dress are really nice! Congrats on the blog! :)

  5. Hey lovey

    I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award

  6. AWWW wear it more! Saying that mine has not left the house so far however tomorrow it will go on a venture to town! xxxx

  7. Love that dress, it looks a really decent length too, which is rare for the highstreet! x

  8. I saw this dress yesterday and really wanted to buy it, but unfortunately they didn't have it in my size. Very sad times.

  9. Such a cute birdy print! Love the hat too!
    Z xx

  10. Nice dress, the pattern is very pretty :D

  11. love it, so perfect!

  12. You know my opinions on hats! Hee hee, thanks for your letter- glad to see you're already wearing some!
    It's lovely- I don't have a bowler- I must borrow my boyfriend's!
    I must say, people always smile and admire my hats when I turn up to places in them (especially the more outrageous ones!) so do it do it do it!!!!

  13. Oooo I love the colour of the hat! So vibrant!
    I got your letter today, thank you :)

  14. I love the bird print dress, the hat looks great with it! Love the colour! x

  15. Such a cute dress and the hat goes perfectly, you really pull it off. I know what you mean about wearing hats though, I only ever wear them to keep warm/shaded rather than as a fashion statement in their own right.