Friday, 20 January 2012

where the eagles fly, on a mountain high..

striped oversized tee: primark
mustard heels: primark
pencil skirt: primark ( £1)
eagle ring: topshop sale

an almost entirely primark outfit today..not sure about the fit of the tshirt, i know it's meant to be over-sized, but there's something about this kind of fit which always makes me feel a bit elephantine..and i was worried that the faded stripes could end up looking a little bit casual, so i added a pencil skirt and heels to pick out some of the colours, and popped off to the office with my new little feathered friend gracing my finger..

any exciting weekend plans about..? i'm looking forward to a lovely couple of days in liverpool to take my mind off this week's stresses...

also, if you're feeling lucky, dee is holding a lovely giveaway over at her blog, pearls, lace and ruffles, so head on over and enter...


  1. I love this! Seriously, you look amazing and needn't worry about the oversized fit. I've a weekend of revision ahead, but if you've any Liverpool questions I can attempt to answer them xxx

  2. Love the colour of those shoes, so jazzy! I think we're off to the cinema at the weekend.

  3. Love those shoes! x

  4. I love those shades on you, especially mustard it really suits your colouring.

    Enjoy Liverpool, I'm gutted I can't make it.

  5. the fit of the top is just fine, don't fret about it, you look great x

  6. I love this outfit, I don't think the shirt could fit you any better xxx

  7. Hi! I wore an entirely Primark outfit this evening too! EVERYTHING! You are the mustard queen! I like that t-shirt lots!