Wednesday, 29 February 2012

but you can't paint an elephant quite as good as she..

lace dress, heels and elephant blazer: primark

heart necklace: topshop (years ago)


An almost entirely primark outfit today, and nothing particularly new or exciting, but I was feeling uninspired this morning until I saw the elephants - I love this blazer!
I'm now 14 days in to the shopping ban, although I must admit when I was in Tesco last night to buy baking ingredients, I did come to the conclusion that a new bra, in a size that actually fits me, is a necessity rather than a frivolity..I've figured out that I've lost about 4 inches and at least one cup size from my old size with my recent weight-loss, so definitely don't want to wait until May for an underwear update..(apologies if that was a bit of an over-share, but it justifies the spend, right?)

Off to see if I can fit in 100 lengths at the pool before I need to be home for the lovely Trefoil Guild ladies who are offering their services to teach my Rangers to knit this evening - I really hope (if they're reading this, take note!) that they're on their best behaviour..

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

let them eat cake she said..

dress: new look
ring: tesco
shoes (apologies for the close-up of my manky feet): topshop

cardigan: river island

Today's outfit was thrown together around this dress which I haven't worn in quite a while, after going through a phase of it being one of my favourites..I tend to fall in and out of lust with clothes fairly easily, but I like to keep hold of them in case I change my mind..Well, unless something really doesn't fit anymore, like these shoes, which are definitely too big..

I also wanted to share some of the photos from last night's unit heat in our County Cupcake Competition..The entire county has been challenged to take part in the competition, with girls from all sections competing in their units for a place to go ahead to their district / division rounds..
I was really impressed with the amount of effort the guides put in for this - as we don't have an oven at our meeting place, they baked six cakes at home, and brought them in to last night's meeting to decorate..They could then put forward two cakes to be judged, on taste and decor..

When it got to the (blind) judging point, we were impressed to see that some of them were 'red velvet', whilst others had layers of buttercream, lemon curd or jam inside them..I was also amazed at some of the decorations; I was glad it wasn't down to me to pick a winner to go to the next round!


Monday, 27 February 2012

here comes the summer..

Happy Monday morning - Although it looks to be the start of another crazy busy week ahead, I'm feeling positive and seem to be getting a lot done already..I think that recently my outlook has shifted a little; I used to be quite hard on myself if I felt as though I hadn't got as much done as I should..More recently, I think I've accepted that fact that with the best will in the world, I do tend to take too much on to get everything done right away, so I'm trying to be a bit more relaxed and realistic in my expectations of myself..

For example, yesterday I spent most of the morning in bed as I was in pain, which made me feel kind of lazy, but there wasn't much point in trying to put pressure on myself to get up and do something when I physically couldn't..I spent the time writing a letter, reading up on and making a plan for how I want to plant up the allotment, and finishing a library book - which are all good things, so I shouldn't feel bad that the day didn't go as planned..right?

vest: primark

As today's outfit is just a repeat of this one, I am posting yesterday's outfit, when I finally felt up to getting up..I was perhaps a little bit over-excited to see the sun, hence short and vest..i did put some shoes and a chunky cardigan on to leave the house, and accepted the fact that despite the sunshine, it was still pretty cold..roll on the summer!

shorts: clothing at tesco // lilac belt (not seen): asos

Saturday, 25 February 2012

eveybody scream your heart out..

dress: h&m


velvet heels: topshop (xmas gift)

cardi: topshop
   Just a quick outfit post catch up from ealier in the month; I'm trying to catch up on the photos I hadn't got around to uploading..

I love these sandals, and decided when I was fairly sure of no rain for the day, that I wanted to give them another wear - they are suprisingly comfortable considering the height and shape (my sister did rather well at Xmas!)

The dress is an old favourite, which I tried to make a little less summery with the black tights and cardigan, but I will be keeping for the summer, as Hawaiian prints are back, right?!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend - I'm spending mine with friends and sister, and a pile of books - and will probably be suffering some allotment guilt, as I won't get much time there: neglecting my duties already ! 

Friday, 24 February 2012

friday favourites 010..

As I'm currently a little way (9 days and counting) in to my 100 day shopping ban, I thought I would put together a little list of the things I would have bought this week if I hadn't been banned..
001 : navy bird tea dress - £32 Dorothy Perkins

001: This bird print dress would definitely be winging it's way (see what I did there?!) to my wardrobe - well, actually the overspill dress-rail, but with much swearing by my good friend Alex, which holds all of the dresses which won't fit into any of the existing wardrobes...But it's rather lovely and I do like midi lengths now..Even more tempting, there is currently 25% off everything at Dorothy Perkins if the emails this week are to be believed - I've been doing pretty well at deleting emails from shops without reading them, so that I don't get too tempted!

002 : yellow floral midi dress, £18 Matalan

002: I seem to be a little obsessed with yellow at the moment - (I even found myself drawn to a pair of yellow trousers, yes you read that right, in Sainsbury's the other day - may have been the effects of the cold-turkey shopping ban I suppose) but this dress is certainly on my wish list..Let's hope it's still around in another 91 days..

003 : bicycle print shirt, £28 ASOS
003: Well there will always be space in my printed blouse collection for another, even if it's not a zoo animal..I love the colour and the print, as well as the pockets..

What have you been buying this week?

Thursday, 23 February 2012

and we sing, sing without a reason..

dress: matalan
heels, tights: primark

polar bear ring, cuckoo clock necklace: topshop

cardigan: h&m
Today seems to have flashed by; one of those days where I haven't managed to get enough done..A quick outfit post before I head to the swimming pool again, as a disappointing weigh-in this week suggests that I haven't been doing enough exercise, but I'm trying not to let it get me too down..

I love the shape of this dress; a Matalan purchase a little while back, which seems to beg for heels every time I wear it - who am I to say no?!

Ooh in exciting news, I took delivery of my new phone today, so am on the search for a cute case for it - suggestions welcome (so far I can't see any with dinosaurs on, which is what I would ideally prefer!)

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

why let one bad apple spoil the whole damn bunch..

shoes: irregular choice
apple necklace: topshop
cardigan: new look // belt: borrowed from some shorts?
dress: cow vintage (birmingham)

Well, given that it's Ash Wednesday, I've been trying to think of what to give up for Lent (not that I'm at all religious, but I do like the idea of Lent and giving something up), but I'm struggling to decide what..I've been fairly good with what I've been eating recently, and seem to have cut out all of the bad things without too much trouble..

I've already given up spending for Danielle's 100 day challenge, so my finances should be ok for the time being as well..I'm wondering about turning it on it's head and giving up laziness and procrastination..I have plenty of dressmaking, and other craft projects which I want to get done but never seem to get around to finding the time for, so I'm thinking of some kind of creativity challenge - maybe setting myself a target to do 30mins of sewing towards one of my never-ending pile of half-finished projects, whether it's making something new or mending something which has been languishing in the repairs pile..

Another effect which the shopping ban has been having is that I am starting to wear my way through some of the other things in my wardrobe, which I wouldn't usually pick..This dress was from Cow Vintage in Birmingham and I think I've only worn it once since then..It's a bit big, but I managed to make a hole in this belt with a screw this morning and belt the waist, which I think has helped a little..

Not sure how I'm going to fit everything in today; having one of those manic days where the to-do list seems to just get longer and longer, and then off swimming before a meeting this evening, and then to come home and bake 40 or so fairy cakes, which I think will have to count for today's creative attempt..

What are you giving up for Lent? Also, to anyone else in Girlguiding, happy Thinking Day!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

when the skies are grey and all the doors are closing..

dress: vintage store
necklace: primark

shoes: new look
 i'm in a bit of a bad mood today, i have horrible pain in my tooth (i have a hole in one of them and managed to get a sunflower seed stuck in it, and then when trying to get that out, managed to gouge a section of skin out of my mouth) and have been having a total headache trying to get my phone upgraded..

one thing that should put me in a good mood is that this dress seems to fit me much better now than the last time i wore it - i fell for it at a vintage store a few years back, and it was always fairly snug (i'm always made to feel like a total whale when i go vintage shopping, i've never really had the shape or size for vintage fashion) so i'm pleased that the fit has improved now..

hope everyone is planning to consume plenty of pancakes this evening..i had my pancake plans cancelled at last minute, so probably won't be, as i never think it's worth making up a whole load of batter just for me - one of those things which i always think i'll be more hungry for than i am, and then feel full after one..

Monday, 20 February 2012

and she's buying a stairway to heaven..

dress: peacocks // cardi: topshop
necklace: accessorize
boots: office (via ebay)

A quick outfit post from last week, as it feels as though I haven't posted on here in an actual age..thinking about it, these boots would have been a wise choice for today's weather - rather than the peep toe sandals which I haven't yet got round to photographing..

I hope every had a nice weekend..I managed to muster up the courage to go along to the meeting on Saturday and am now the proud owner of a (rather large!) allotment, complete with apple tree and no idea what to do first! I spent my Sunday morning digging away and am off to buy some potatoes to begin with, as apparently you can't really go wrong with them..

In other news, I'm five days into the shopping ban, and so far it's been fairly easy - I guess because I was too busy over the weekend to even consider heading into any shops (well, other than the garden centre, where my friend bought me a book on allotment gardening, a fork and a pair of gloves, to save me breaking the ban and to give me a start, and then toys r us, where i managed to refrain from purchasing a rather tempting copy of the 'Where the Wild Things Are' wii game from the sale), although today during my very productive lunch break I managed to wander down the clothes aisle and see about three items I loved..I managed to refrain, though - only 95 more days to go..

Thursday, 16 February 2012

finally find you and i collide..

floral blouse: h+m
jersey pencil skirt: primark
heels: new look
a quick and fairly unexciting outfit post, although i didn't realise until i was halfway down the stairs that i had managed to pick some stupidly tan coloured shiny hold ups - not good and i didn't realise the glare they would be producing in the photos - oops!

and another outing for this pencil skirt - i had planned to get rid of the blouse, as i have always liked, although not really been particularly comfortable in blouses, as i was always really funny about how they fit me across the chest..i decided to give this one one last try since it didn't sell on ebay the other week, and i have to admit i'm not having any of the problems i had envisaged - probably due to my change of size in that area with the recent weight-loss..

today's first news is that i have joined danielle in her 100 day shopping ban - her post about it can be found here - and i think it makes a lot of sense..i read through, and can totally relate to a lot of the things she says she finds herself doing..i guess that for me, the actual act of 'going shopping' (ie. going for a browse around clothes shops with no real purpose) has become more of a hobby than it should, and i would prefer to use my time for something more productive..

starting today i am giving up shopping for clothes, shoes, accessories, etc for myself for 100 days, until 26th may 2012..i'm hoping to use the time to get my spring clean for the year totally finished, figure out some better storage solutions for my existing clothes and shoes, and to get some of the fabric stashed on my shelves turned into clothing, as making something new doesn't count as a spend if i'm using fabric from my already existing collection..keep up with my progress here or no doubt on twitter, or better still - join us?

also in my ban i will be including money spent on books and ebooks, as i have a huge pile to get through..
i'm not going to ban myself from buying presents (birthday etc) for friends and family, as there are quite a few of these coming up in the next 100 days, and i will allow myself to spend on stamps and stationery to enable me to keep in touch with my penpals..

and leading on (sort of) from my thoughts of using my time more productively, i'm thinking of applying for a local allotment, after seeing something about it today i don't have any outside space, i really like the idea, and may well apply - although i'm worrying that i may not have enough time to devote to it to really see any results - does anyone have any thoughts - i'm going to try and get some books from the library and have a more detailed think about what it will entail before perhaps applying at the meeting at the weekend..any tips and advice would be really appreciated....!

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

the shadows in the background of the morgue..

wedges: primark
swan print top: h&m
caridgan: river island
dress (worn as skirt) and tights: primark
wow today's photos are making me think i need to get a new camera, rather other news, my poor neighbours may be in danger of thinking i have contracted 'morning tourettes' as this morning, just like the previous one, saw me thrashing around in my wardrobe room in a desperate attempt to find something to create an outfit from to go with these primark floral wedges, and using any number of choice words - some of which i'm not even convinced are actual swearwords, but probably should be..

this put me in a bit of a sulky mood, as in my head to go with these shoes i fancied a pencil skirt of dusky pink, or maybe pale lemon, but none such things exist in my wardrobe it would seem, and anything i tried on didn't fit right, or didn't look right, etc, so in the end i threw this outfit together and wore the shoes anyway..

also sulky because i woke up to find that my cold (yes, the one which has lasted three effing weeks and finally seemed to have left me yesterday) is back with a vengeance..ugh! not sure i can face swimming this evening, so am going to get some letters written to some of my lovely penpals and make some progress with the great pile of books i want to read..
i did stop on the way to work to pick up something lovely from the post office - my RAK swap parcel from kate  - hope everyone has received theirs - thank you all for taking part!


Tuesday, 14 February 2012

why do fools fall in love..

owl necklace: local boutique

heart cardigan: local boutique

lip paint: barry m 62

dress: clothing at tesco
i couldn't let valentine's day go by without some kind of nod towards something heart-shaped, right? (than again, it didn't seem like such a grand plan when i was swearing my way through the wardrobes this morning muttering "fml, how is it possible to not be able to find something with hearts on, i have the most stupid amount of clothes in the world grrrrr!" so i was pleased when i remembered and hoiked this cardigan out of one of my wardrobes..

i'm not really fussed either way on valentine's day -i'm a bit of a romantic at heart, so i'm not one of the valentine's haters, although i do think it's a bit over-commercialised (but then again, seee my views on christmas - what isn't these days?!) and an advertisers' dream - case in point, i was in the supermarket at lunch and there were heart-shaped punnets of heart-shaped strawberries..seriously..but i guess everyone has to make their money somehow, right?

i did decide to brave my bright pink lippy again, although i don't seem to manage to get it to stay on my lips past my first cup of coffee (as soon as i get to the office then!), in the hope it would draw the attention away from the sorry state of my skin's starting to get a bit out of control - if anyone has any suggestions for any miracle products which would help to clear it up i'd really appreciate it..

RAK swap update - today is the posting date; has everyone sent their little parcels of loveliness off to their partners? if you've had any problems let me know - also let me know when your parcel has arrived nice and safe? i think the swap seems to be coming together ok, and had people asking me to let them know when i was going to hold another, so let me know if you think it's been a good idea, and whether it's something you would do again in the future or not..

i think it's nice to spread a bit of love now and again.. <3

Monday, 13 February 2012

there's a train leaving town in an hour..

deer print dress (worn as top): zara // skirt: primark

necklace: topshop // belt: primark

cardi: new look // wool tights: peacocks
 just as i had hoped, my weekend was spent mainly relaxing, and attached to my sewing machine, but i did venture out into town to run a few errands on saturday morning, so this is my outfit from then..i threw a fur coat on over the top and was more than warm enough, as we didn't end up with any snow, despite my hopes!

Saturday, 11 February 2012

maybe i know, somewhere deep in my soul, that love never lasts..


dress: asos

tights, heels: primark

cardigan: tu clothing

i added this dress to my recent asos order without realising how long it would be, but once i had tried it on, i rather like it - perhaps midi skirts aren't as scary as i thought!

it came with the belt already attached, which i rather like for it's clashy effect, so i thought that i'd add to the clashy sense of organised chaos with some mustard shoes and bluey-grey tights..

happy to have a quiet weekend of very little planned..hope everyone is staying warm!