Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ces oiseaux blancs, et ces maisons rouillées..

blouse: new look
boots: river island (via ebay)

caridigan: topshop // shorts, tights: primark

i wandered past new look the other day on my way to pay some cheques into my bank (honest!) and how could i resist this blouse - sheer, and a quirky print: two of my favourite things recently, it it came home with me and joined the 'wardrobe zoo..i think the print has a bit of a parisienne feel to it!

i also picked up this pair of shorts, to add to my ever-expanding collection, from the sale rack in primark - i didn't get very good photos this morning, but i like the colour and the fabric, and it seemed like a day for flat shoes and casual-work attire, as i'm still in a rather run-down and sleepy kind of mood, and i guess that slouchy comfort comes first when i feel like that..

rather looking forward to an evening of very little - after a swim i plan to make some more progress with my dressmaking - i was given a bagful of dress patterns yesterday as well, which i can't wait to have a route through and maybe get started on something else too..


  1. I'd kind of glad that my local newlook hasn't got that blouse in's one of those things I'd buy and not wear because I can't cope with sheer!

  2. Love that top - i'm glad you didn't resist!

  3. That such's a lovely print on the blouse, how could you resist! :)

    Caroline x

  4. You look cute in this colour!

  5. birdies! such a cute pattern, it does remind me of paris too.

  6. Great pattern! And good luck with the dressmaking :)

  7. I love the print on your blouse. Sheer is really not for me though :( x

  8. That shirt is absolutely gorgeous