Thursday, 2 February 2012

dripping with alchemy, shiver stop shivering..

dress: cow vintage, (bham)
sweater: ebay // tights: topshop

shoe boots : irregular choice
i've been gradually getting along with my spring cleaning; i've a car boot sale lined up for this weekend, sent a parcel of old bras off to the local bra charity, and have listed a heap of things on ebay, and it's been rather lovely to unearth some things which i had sort of forgotten about..

take this dress, for instance, which i bought on a trip to birmingham more than a year ago, and can't remember wearing more than once..i am not usually a great lover of sleeves; most of the dresses i own don't have sleeves, or if they do they're usually of the capped variety, but the print appealed to me and for the sake of £7 i decided this pastel floral number deserved a place in my collection..

i decided that i could get away with a sweater, bought a long while back from one of the lovely elise's ebay sales (i think it's a vintage m+s), and which i haven't had an occasion to wear until now, so i layered it over the top, and decided that the muted mustard colour of these tights would pick out some of the other colours of the print..

added some old -favourites from irregular choice, and was all set to face the go down to the car and find i had a bad pucnture, and would therefore be waiting in for the tyre-repair van for a while..i got a little more tidying / sorting done in the process, and cut out the paper pattern pieces for my next dressmaking project, which was good, as that's the stage i tend to hate of the whole process!


  1. Ahh no punctures are never good! I really am so jealous of your Irregular Choice cellections! You have some beauties!

  2. What a pretty outfit for a dreary February day! I'm not a sleeve fan either, I get so hot and bothered usually but I'm quite glad of them today. x

  3. I love that dress Charlotte, it's stunning x

  4. Love the knitted tank over the dress, I'd not thought of wearing that combo before, something I'll try in spring x

  5. Sounds like the sort of car luck I tend to have!

    Loving your shoes

    X x

  6. Loving the irregular choice!


  7. Mustard coloured tights are great :) I should do some spring cleaning really! Just found your blog and look forward to your future posts, so it's a follow from me!

  8. Love the colour of the tights, I've been after some mustard ones for a while now! xx

  9. Aah loving it, I'd forgotten all about that! Have decided Tuesday is ebaying night, the stack keeps growing...;)

  10. Lovely, Spring-like outfit. So pretty and those amazing IR bootlets!
    What a bummer about the puncture; not a good start to the day. Booooo!
    Z xx